Maurizio Campisi Everybody Wants To Know (La mia vita con i Sick Rose)

November 2017
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Maurizio Campisi Everybody Wants To Know (La mia vita con i Sick Rose)

"Everybody Wants To Know" is the story of a band, The Sick Rose, that from Turin conquers Italy and Europe and achieves to be loved all over the world.

It is also the story of Maurizio Campisi, author of the book and Sick Rose bass player.
A restless twentysometing-year guy who is eager to live, to know, to experiment, and wants to escape from the established social schemes and greyness of Turin’s daily life in the 1980s.
In this picture music is a daily soundtrack and a safety valve at the same time.
Two stories, the individual one and the Sick Roses’ one, linked in a whirlwind of travels and concerts, band’s rehearsals in old empty houses, tours all over Italy, solitary escapes to northern Europe and exciting evenings with the band in venues like the Fabrik in Hamburg or the Quartier Latin in Berlin along with legendary acts such as The Fuzztones or The Stomachmouths.

"Everybody Wants To Know" is an engaging novel to be read read in one breath.

"The miles to go, the ice cold weather, the small hours were only a detail within a picture where the proportions entailed the conquest of the whole known world. The stars were lining up for something great".

Foreword by Luca Frazzi, afterword by Roberto Calabrò.