Marshalls Wicked Good Music: 1977-1980… And More!

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Marshalls Wicked Good Music: 1977-1980… And More!

(A big time fine for fans of late 70s power pop, so pay attention! The band grew up in Boston during the seventies and released one single only during their career. Here are some ditties from the Rat era when they were playing with the Cars, Real Kids, Stompers, Fox Pass, Nervous Eater… Their tracks
are in the vein of the first album from Pezband, early Rubinoos, Scruffs, Innocents and Titan Records (Arlis, The Boys, Gary Charlson). Translation: Celebrate! It really is a major find for fans of this era and will surprise many, many folks. Extremely highly recommended for fans of this period of
power pop! Trivia: Andy Paley (who played in Paley Brothers, Sidewinders, Modern Lovers, Shangri-Las, Elliot Murphy band, etc. and collaborated as producer with Madonna, the Ramones, Debbie Harry, Brian Wilson and Jerry Lee Lewis) was a member of the band. Jonathan Paley (Paley Brothers), Adam Roth (Jim Carroll Band, Del Fuegos, Evan Dando band), Peter Staines (Inmates), Erik Lindgren (Space Negros, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, keyboardists for the Real Kids and the Cynics, owner of Arf! Arf! Records) and Jonathan Richman were involved in the band, too! Rob Dimit (the producer of Real Kids, Plastic Bertrand and M.I.A.) and Bob Schott (La Peste) took care of their recordings!)