Made They Don’t Understand

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June 2009
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Area Pirata

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Made They Don’t Understand

(After more than 10 years this great italian MOD band released a brand new album which will be well appreciated from who loves Who, Kinks, Small Faces, Jam, Blur, the Power Pop sound and any kind of Brit Rock…)Made are a five members band from Italy playing a mod/beat/powerpop oriented music using vintage instruments (Hammond, Farfisa, Vox, Rickenbacker) but they don’t dislike some of the more recent britpop sounds. In the last years they’ve played at the main Italian mod, scooterist and sixties events (Rimini “The Italian Job” International Mod Rally (1998, 2000 & 2004), Beat Festival 2000, Italian Mods Mayday 2000, Italian National Mod Rally 1999, the Other Face mod Rally 2001, Isola d’Elba Tuscany International Scooter Rally 2002, Ticino Mod Rally 2003, Hot mod summer on the lake 2004, Italian Mod Rally 2006, etc.) so that they are now one of the best known Italian bands in the whole MOD scene.
In 1997 they released their first demotape “Greatest Hits vol.2”. In 1999 they made their first record : a 7″ split EP (along with Wigan Casino) produced by Modern Groove Records. This record had many good reviews on rock magazines and fanzines.
In 2000 they gave two songs for the “Mondo Beat vol. 2” compilation cd by Face/Sony (featuring some the best sixties European bands like Solarflares, Diaboliks, Slow Slushy Boys, Others, etc.) and they had many new good reviews. In the same year they also appeared in the “Gamut Assembly vol.5” compilation cd by the british label Dizzy Lug’ole Records.
In springtime 2001 they had their first album “Made this way!” finally out on Vitaminic and many more gigs and good reviews. Last but not least they were also featured on the “Music for Truckers” international compilation by La Skaletta Rock Club (featuring bands like Kowalskis, Surfin’ Lungs, Peawees, Manges, Apers, Fairlanes, etc.) which put their name out into the punk rock scene too.
In 2003 the 6 tracks Cd-Ep “Tonight” has been produced by Skipping Musez Records and followed, as usual, by lots of good reviews in the best Italian and European modzines and rock magazines. Tonight has been reissued, with four bonus tracks, in 2006 by Revel Yell Music label for the Japanese market.
After more than 10 years since their birth, this great italian MOD band released a brand new album which will be well appreciated from who loves Who, Kinks, Small Faces, Jam, Blur, the Power Pop sound and any kind of Brit Rock…


1 Just Because
2 Past is a Strange Place
3 The Great Shape of Everything
4 Everybody Under Your Spell
5 I Want It!
6 The Same Old Story
7 Just What I Needed
8 1989


Goran Obradovic – Shindig #12 07/09

More Britpop than Mod, as they’re being described in the press release, but it’s a tin line between the two anyway these days so who am I to argue? They seem to be all over Italian Mod rallies for the last decade so it deosn’t seem to bother the parka wearin’, scooter-ridin’ cappuccino kids. In fact, had the pair of ‘Everybody Under Your Spell’ and ‘The Same Old Story’ been issued as a 7″ single of it’s own, most of the mod-vintage-sixties-beat references would’ve been pretty accurate.
The former mixes the pounding Medway Delta sound with the big beat of the late’80s/early’90s British Mod revivalists The Clique, while the latter throws in some psychedelic flavour as well.
Special notice must be taken of the amazing Yellow Submarine -inspired artwork by one Riccardo Bucchioni, more of which I strongly recomend you to see at (Graphics/Designs in the Gallery section). I might as well suggest him to be contacted about contributing his talents to Shindig?

Fuzz Overdose Webzine 10/09

Celebrating more than a decade of Mod rallies, scooter riding and general debauchery, Italian Mod faces Made released a brand new 8 track CD, on the ever reliable Area Pirata label. The sound of Made, is a clash between Power Pop and Brit Pop, and if both sound like dirty words, all the worse to you, as you’ll be missing out on their infectious Welleresque melodies and spiky guitars. This album is certain to appeal to fans of Mod stalwarts like the Who and the Small Faces, as well as ’79 Mod Revival and modern bands like the Rifles or the Ordinary Boys, and for sure, Jam is the opearative word here. The tight and punchy production, gets the 8 songs to jump out of your speakers like a vintage 45, making sure that you’ll go through several sets of loafers dancing to this, and the Made even have the audacity to take the Cars lame pop song Just What I Needed, and turn it into a Modpunk anthem for the suited and booted contingent. As a plus this digipak Cd boasts fantastic Yellow Submarine artwork by Italian artist/designer Riccardo Bucchioni.Well Done!!!