Lu Silver & String Band Voices, Harmony, Silver String

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Lu Silver & String Band Voices, Harmony, Silver String

(From the deepest land of Cesena (Italy), comes the “STRING BAND” new project of Lu Silver (former lead singer of the hard-rock band the Small Jackets . Rock attitude with guitars that lead to the west coast, blues and folk, great for those who loves has groups like Neil Young , Elliott Murphy, Leon Russell , Lynyrd Skynyrd and J.J. Cale. The various influences also lead to British music: very often “Lu refers to the Beatles , Rolling Stones and Terry Reid. Everything turns naturally into unplugged , or semi – unplugged, where electric guitar sounds slightly distorted, giving way to the sounds of acoustic guitar wrapped in reverb and delay. In 2012, Lu enters the Atomic Studio (ITA) to record his first solo album VOICES , HARMONY , SILVER STRINGS. In its songs, he takes care of arrangements and plays most of the instruments: memotron strings, drums, guitars and harp. The recordings saw some of the most appreciated musician from the area plus an international guest: Marco Pizzolla on bass, Andrew Basile on drums (both in The Shoes and now Bluesevil ), ENRICO Zavalloni (Mondocane f/t Mike Patton) founder of the Atomic Study, playing the Hammond and CONNY OCHS (Baby Universal, Heavy Kingdom f/t Wino), MARCO Pizzolla , ALESSANDRO TEDESCO (former guitarist of the stoner band OJM and current guitar player of GLINCOLTI, SILVIO PASQUALINI at keyboards , backing vocals and bass, (former guitarist and singer of LE MELEAGRE now of AUSTRALIA) bass player GIACOMO PASGHIN (Pater Nembrot) and other friends. The album contains a collection of ballads including a couple of covers revisited, like the wonderful A Song for You by Leon Russell several 6 and 12 acoustic guitars, together with fragments of electric guitar, harp, piano, fender rhodes’riff, hammond and intense mellotron melodies, everything enclosed by fluid bass and soul drums)


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