Little Free Rock – Little Free Rock

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Little Free Rock – Little Free Rock

(This is the first official release under licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management,UK, remastered from an original master copy out of the vaults of BMG. Little Free Rock, a classic trio from Preston, Lancashire, founded in 1969, were one of the first psychedelic and or progressive rock efforts of folk label Transatlantic (a.o. Jody Grind, Circus with Mel Collins). They released their eponymous album in November 1969. Although underrated in times of release till today this album is definitely one of the many gems of the UK underground in the late sixties, early seventies. It’s a brillant guitar-based psychedelic album filled with hypnotizingly melodic yet dynamic songs, with great memorable riffs and solos all over. As one critic wrote “It’s got the heavy, it’s got the light, it’s got the blues, it’s got the psyche and it’s uninhibited all the way! Although all 9 titles are great, a highlight is the more than 10 minutes version of The Creation track ‘Making Time’. Other critics compare their music and stated similarities to The Open Mind, The Dark or Bulldog Breed with lots of fuzz guitar and great vocals. The original recordings were carefully and properly remastered. The album comes with very comprehensive bandstory by guitarist Pete Illingsworth, a lot of photos summed up in a 4-sided cover-sized coloured insert sheet. Don’t miss this eloquent testimony of great musicianship of the late sixties, early seventies. A masterpiece!)