I Rudi Fuori Tempo Massimo

February 2019
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Area Pirata

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I Rudi Fuori Tempo Massimo

(A bit reckless and a lot more stubborn, miles away from today’s nostalgia operations, it’s a work that brings i Rudi along the road they’ve chosen to follow in the first place, proudly “Fuori tempo massimo”. Here’s the new album by this MOD italian combo, based in Milan!)Reviving the good times of the Italian Sixties’s beat, playing "maximum" just like the beloved Who, with only three musicians and no guitar in sight. Are i Rudi too ambitious? Well, at least you can’t blame them for setting the bar too low. Or for passively following the latest musical trend: the Milan-based band is "Fuori tempo massimo" [Italian for "Definitely out of time"] right from the title of its second full-length album, following the path traced by the first, "Nient’altro che routine".

Nine original songs between Italian beat and British Invasion, garage rock and a bit of soul, and a reinterpretation of the classic "Lost Woman" [becoming "Disperata"] by the cult-band The Yardbirds. A sound that springs from the keyboards of Gabriele Bernardi (a young musician playing as sessionman with Italian beat legends like Shel Shapiro and New Dada) and gets "ruder" with the rhythm section formed by his brother Silvio (bass and lead vocals) and Stefano Di Niglio (drums), including the cherished vocal harmonies and the lyrics always trying to "say something".

Formed in 2010 and established as a power trio at the end of 2013, year of the first free download EP "Tre pezzi di routine" ["Three pieces of routine"], i Rudi [meaning: The Rudes; read: "ee roodie"] published in September 2015 their first full-length, "Nient’altro che routine" ["Nothing but routine"]. The album impressed music lovers, collected good paper and online reviews and blessings by key figures of the Italian – and English – modernism, and brought i Rudi on the stages of Festival Beat and of the 50th Anniversary of the Italian Beat. In the same year followed the endorsement by Fred Perry, historical brand for subcultures.

The new album, "Fuori tempo massimo", will be released on CD by Ammonia Records and on vinyl by Area Pirata in middle-February 2019: a bit reckless and a lot more stubborn, miles away from today’s nostalgia operations, it’s a work that brings i Rudi along the road they’ve chosen to follow in the first place, proudly "Fuori tempo massimo".

1. C-60
2. Calmi
3. Qualcosa al volo
4. Il vero me
5. Mediocrità
6. Non riderai
7. Tutto iniziò
8. Ego trip
9. Disperata
10. Fuori tempo massimo

Time lenght: 32′ 53"


Bertrand Tappaz – 11/03/2019 – VOIX DE GARAGE GRENOBLE

2ème album pour les Mods italiens très orienté Sixties Organ. Mais, de façon très étonnante, qui ne sonne pas passéiste / revivaliste… sa vibration et son son en font un disque très de notre temps !
i Rudi mettent bien en avant leur côté italien en chantant dans leur langue et aussi via les extraits de films entre les chansons !
Hammond, rythmiques pour danser, style (obligatoire) et une belle collection de chansons ultra catchy, mais pas seulement ! Beaucoup d’âme aussi ! Du Groove, de la Soul… et un petit je ne sais quoi en plus ! Il faut dire que le chant et la langue permettent de jolies modulations de moods entre les chansons mais également au sein d’un même titre ! Avoir un chanteur doté d’une voix qu’il sait utiliser c’est forcément un plus !!!
Des Mods qui sonnent moderne en transcendant la tradition… somme toute on dira que tout ceci est totalement normal !
Le nom du groupe est très malin, tout comme le titre de cet album, la pochette est jolie tout en restant signifiante et suffisement loin des clichés du genre. Dès le 1er contact avec ce formidable album tout est déjà en place !
Le reste est un condensé de plaisir !!!

Kay Werner – OX-fanzine 04-05/2019

"Fuori Tempo Massimo", so heißt das zweite Album des (Fred Perry-Klamotten tragenden) Mod/Power-pop-Trios I RUDI aus Mailand. Zehn Songs mit cooler Orgel frisch aus der Garage, mit Musik zwischen JAM, SMALL FACES und natürlich THE WHO. Apropos Orgel, sehr schön ist auch das YARDBIRDS-Cover "Lost woman", hier als "Disperata" – natürlich im Bo Diddley-Rhyth-mus. Gesungen wird auf Italienisch, und das Trio spielt Orgel, Bass und Drums – eine Gitarre sucht man/frau hier vergebens. Die fehlt aber nicht wirklich, denn habe ich eigentlich schon die Orgel erwähnt, die leistet hier nämlich Hervor-ragendes.