Demented – 1982

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Demented – 1982

(The Demented, a band that was a big flash that came and gone in 1982, like many bands from the early 80’s not a long history. The band was started by song writing team Felix Alanis and Nick Lamagna after they finished the album Fall In for their band RF7. Felix and Nick decided they had so much left over material that it would be great if they could get a female singer to perform it, as female punk bands in LA were few and far between at the time. Nick suggested his girlfriend Susie Robledo form Culver city sing, they brought in drummer Mark Baker, a hippie biker dude from Simi Valley and Felix played bass and Nick guitar and Susie sang. This was March 9th 1982 at Harlequin studios. Most of the songs here were recorded live by Felix to a four track Tascam on their second rehearsal. The Demented released 3 songs on the Sudden Death comp on smoke 7 , How can I kill you, Deadly game, and the controversial Back to the bed. Ed Clover took a liking to the band and shot some great pictures. The Demented seem to go far fast but crashed when Nick and Susie kept cheating on each other and Nick tossed his guitar down and quite saying” I don’t want to be Fleetwood Mac” Still the sound of an era is kept pure here and who knows what could have happened as the songs are really catchy and bookmark an era in the LA sound of 1982!)