Caltiki Amazzoni

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Caltiki Amazzoni

(Caltiki are a garage rock band founded by Tommaso Di Giulio (vocals and bass), Giulio Filippini (guitar) and Marco Montesano (drums).

During the summer of 2017 an anarchic, free and liberating project was born due to the musical obsessions of their three members in, oriented overall on live performances.
Like the 1959’s monster of the science fiction film from which they are named, the Caltiki are an exotic creature with a mutant identity.

Psychedelia, surf, glam and punk are mixed with each other in the band’s songs under the banner of a contaminated rock n’roll where the cult of the 60s, melodic research and many guitars coexist. All with lyrics in Italian language.
A Californian tourist visiting Rome, after a concert of the trio, approached and described the sound as: Ty Segall meets Lucio Battisti. It couldn’t have been more flattering and precise than that.

Those who enter the world of the Caltiki must expect a primordial, lysergic and timeless experience, where the invitation to dance and let go meets the taste for a visionary narration.
Their debut album is called Amazzoni and is a concept album in which each song bears the name of a different woman)