B-Back /Viv Prince Experience S/t

June 2006
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B-Back /Viv Prince Experience S/t

(Two new songs for our Garage Beat heroes between Electric Prunes and late Small Faces. On the flip side a great Garage Beat band from Rome)After the debut album …
After the debut album, the band got many nice reviews and consequently make many shows around Italy and in France. In the meantime the band start to play new songs. Two of them has been issued on this 7" they split along with a Garage Beat band from Roma called Viv Prince Experience.
Between Electric Prunes and late Small Faces, these two songs are a great preview of the new album will be out soon!!

"Fire" has been recorded in June 2005 by Robert Fogel and mixed by Gianni and Francesco Cerone, then mastered by OVI at the West Link Studio.
Cover photo by Jan Bekker – Artwork by Frisco

Tracklist : Side A 1) Fire 2) Joker and Ace (B-Back)
Side B 1)Where Do We Go from Here 2) Victoria Station (Viv Prince Experienxe) Low Cut Magazine – Denmark 06/06

Italian 60’s rock that works? Yes – actually. Italian 60’s rock that sounds fucking good? That too: The group is B-Back, and the split single is their second recording. We are talking Rolling Stones slash Cream inspired rock’n’roll that makes your record player dance along. No funny business and weird effects here, just the natural psyched up Procal Harum (is that possible?). Melodic to the point of nausea, but still delightfully fresh in 2006. This is definately one of the best rock albums I’ve heard come out of Italy, but then again, most of the Italian records I have at home are with that weird Opera guy – what’s his face… Andrea Bocelli, yeah… Anyway, they sound nothing like him – so you can go ahead and buy them now!

Lost In Tyme #4 2008

This is a split 7"Ep with two italian bands. The Viv Prince Experience on A-Side with two nice psych poprock songs. The Where Do We Go and Victoria Station that reminds me something between The Doors and the psych bands from the 80s the Italian Birdmen of Alkatraz; believe me the result is very good!
On the other our fave Italian band the B-Back (check at #3) with two absolute winners!!! The fantastic 60s folk punk treasure Fire (from their second album) with great guitar solo and amazing vocals it’s gonna make you move your ass!! Their second song Joker and Ace it’s in the same style too. Coming contact with the label and grab this fantastic 7"!!!