AA VV Rockgarage Compilation Vol. 1-2-3-4

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AA VV Rockgarage Compilation Vol. 1-2-3-4

(Here is the unmissable sound document from one of Italy’s earliest Eighties underground fanzines! Back in the day, Rockgarage was the fruit of the work of a bunch of young music enthusiasts from the Venice area. All already active in the local free radios scene, tired of life’s monotony and willing to put all their energy and creativity into a different project. A new sound magazine based on quality content and high musical profile. A total of six issues were published between 1982 and 1984 along with three 7″s and one LP. A stunning work which after forty years still stands as one the best self-made productions on the Italian music scene of the time. All of the Rockgarage musical output is in this significant collection. A fat double album featuring famous, obscure and yet legendary “Italian Wave” bands such as Diaframma, Frigidaire Tango, Degada Saf, Plasticost, Death in Venice, Funkwagen, Detonazione, 2+2=5, Modern Model, Wops, Ruins, Premesuzette, Pyramids and Go Karts. A wide eclectic sound mosaic based on Electro-Post-Punk-Jazz-Funk elements. Experience this dynamic and passionate period through the energetic pulse of Italian New-Wave!!!)