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The Bradipos IV - Lost Waves CD digipack
April 2019

After two years from their last EP entitled "The Partenophonic Sound Of The Bradipos Four", the surf combo has gone back to the studio, influenced from their Californian tour. More than the Ocean the inspiration came from the desert met to reach Las Vegas and Joshua Tree.
An instro album more than a surf one, even if their opening track is a cover originally written by Ray Hunt and played for the first time in 1961 from the Surfmen. Two more cover, 'A Heartful Of Nothing' written by Chris Barfield and 'Siboney' written by Ernesto Lecuona, among nine new and original songs.
Not so close to the classical surf, rather with a personal touch, that has been a trademark for this Italian band from the beginning.
An album dominated by the minor tones and so a little bit melancholic, as the artwork remind us, and always well-planted feed on the Mediterranean origins

Tony Borlotti e I Suoi Flauers - Belinda Contro I Mangiadischi LP
April 2019

"Belinda contro i mangiadischi" is the new album of this expert Italian beat combo (from Salerno, south Italy) "Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers" , born in 1995!
The current 'Beat Italiano' scene was suffering for today's lack of great bands like Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers.

Whether you're Italian or live anywhere in the world we're sure you'll enjoy the freshness of these "fake young people" who live and play like they'd still live at the Piper Club's heyday!
No other band round can mix the authentic Italian sixties Beat Garage (good fuzz) and pop feel like Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers !

So listen to this records ( 12 songs)...and then go and drive your Lambretta !!

The Trip Takers - Don't Back Out Now LP
April 2019

The Trip Takers are an Italian band suspended in the limbo between the conservatism of vintage sounds and the genuine and sincere "revivalism". The result is a sound that is clearly recognizable from the point of view of conceptual influences but vividly peculiar at the same time.
Here's their debut album!!

The Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes - Campari & Toothpaste LP/CD
March 2019

A return to the simplest of Rock'n'Roll, soaked sodden in the Blues swamp where the music was born. And yet, at moments full of fuzz and proto-psychedelia voodoo, their minds corrupted by that primordial rhythm and animal smell. Here's finally their fourth long-awaited album!

The Kaams - Kick It LP/CD
March 2019

"Kick It" is the third album by The Kaams, Italian band based in Bergamo and formed in 2009.

After some line-up changes the new work will be released four years after previous "One To Six", and two and a half after their 7’’ single "Don't Forget My Name", both on Area Pirata Records. Twelve songs recorded at Outside Inside Studio in Volpago del Montello (TV) - Italy by Matt Bordin (who also played harmonica on one of them), and mastered by Andrea De Bernardi at Eleven Mastering Studio in Busto Arsizio (VA)

I Rudi - Fuori Tempo Massimo LP
February 2019

A bit reckless and a lot more stubborn, miles away from today's nostalgia operations, it's a work that brings i Rudi along the road theyve chosen to follow in the first place, proudly "Fuori tempo massimo". Here's the new album by this MOD italian combo, based in Milan!

The Morlocks - Emerge (2019 edition) LP
January 2019

Great reissue of their 1st album issued in 1985 and sold out for many years! Cd digiapck with photos, flyers unissued and liner notes by Leighton!! Don't be square, get it now! 3rd ltd splattered color vinyl edition, including free digital coupon!!

Marshmallow Overcoat - Songs From All You Need Is Fuzz CD digipack
November 2018

It features 25 songs from the new documentary feature film, and also serves as a 30-year "best of" collection for the American garage-psych maestros.
The deluxe digipak audio CD features three new songs,
including the shimmering paisley pop single "Wait For Her", and also features seven songs on CD for the first time.
A 56-page pdf book, detailing the 30-year discography and recording history of the band, is also included on the disc!!

Broadcash feat. Bobby Solo - Broadcash plays Cash featuring Bobby Solo 10"

Everyone knows Johnny Cash - he's an icon. Love for the Man in Black comes in many forms anyway he's unforgettable.

His personality preceded his musical career, spanning over 50 years of American history and adding a dose of danger - a must-have ingredient of country and rock'n'roll. He's played in front of jailbirds and collaborated with the greats - including Bob Dylan and Joe Strummer - always maintaining his distinctive style.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the release of Live at Folsom Prison (a song weaved into Cash's identity) and the perfect occasion to celebrate it, with the advent of a new group: Bobby Solo and BroadCash, a group which has played the Johnny Cash songbook for 10 years throughout Italy, keeping the Sun Records roots alive.

Bobby Solo needs no introduction. A huge fan of country and rock'n'roll, he was one of the first to bring the music to Italy throughout his long career. Asked about Johnny Cash, Bobby reminisces: "Ah, Johnny…I met him at the Rammstein American base in Germany in the 1960s. He was playing with the Carter family, with the Statler Brothers on vocals and Carl Perkins on guitar. He was magnetic".

He met BroadCash in a sold out, sweaty gig in Pisa where he was the guest star. A bond started followed in quick succession by the recording of four old-school songs: I Walk the Line, Cry Cry Cry, Folsom Prison Blues and Big River, released on limited-edition vinyl on the Area Pirata label. Four songs born in the hills and the fields which unite Italy and the USA, a heartfelt tribute which will raise the roof at the next show

Barmudas - Rock The Barmudas 7"
October 2018

BARMUDAS were born and raised in the BARmuda district in Florence's old town, the immaginary triangular neighborhood still unknown to the hordes of hungry zombi-tourists looking for cheap italian food, style and art; a place infested and hounted with outsiders, losers, boozers, and strange people with poor taste in look, music and artistic stuff (often disappearing into the void after passing the night getting high in the area). Barmudas is today the last bastion against the invasion of hipsters, indie posers, coffee shakers, cover bands, fashion influencers and snob-intellectual people crowding downtown Florence. No wonder the band that shares the district's name has got just a few and simple guiding principles:
An old and genuine recipe, but be sure to double check the dosage...
So, here comes the band's debut single, made of two killer tracks, like bands used to do in Slade, Sweet and T-Rex times. Now as in those days we have a wild R'n'R opening on the A side while on the B side we find a wonderful ballad that will make you shake your ass with its lilting rhythm!

The Liars - Never Looked Back CD digipack
September 2018

The Liars come back with a full length 8 tracks album after a long silence since the single "Salvation/Can’t stay away from you" in 2010. The band formed back in the eighties with Alessandro Ansani bass&vocals and Pier Paolo Morini guitars&vocals now accompanied by Andrea "Vipera" Salani on drums. Since then, the power trio has played their own brand of garage/psych/rock’n’roll and NEVER LOOKED BACK, bringing to the new millennium electric shocks coupled to fresh melodies with obscure/abrasive lyrics. It’s definitely the Liars' sound, but it’s different...

The Thinglers - The Thinglers 7"EP
September 2018

A four-track 7"EP of fuzz, psych and R&B featuring 2 covers and 2 original songs! Amazing debut, from Italy!! The Thinglers is a 60s garage band born from the ashes of SEUSS, Italian band from Pordenone who made many gigs releasing two album as well!

The Bradipos IV - Lost Waves LP
June 2018

After two years from their last EP entitled "The Partenophonic Sound Of The Bradipos Four", the surf combo has gone back to the studio, influenced from their Californian tour. More than the Ocean the inspiration came from the desert met to reach Las Vegas and Joshua Tree.
An instro album more than a surf one, even if their opening track is a cover originally written by Ray Hunt and played for the first time in 1961 from the Surfmen. Two more cover, 'A Heartful Of Nothing' written by Chris Barfield and 'Siboney' written by Ernesto Lecuona, among nine new and original songs.
Not so close to the classical surf, rather with a personal touch, that has been a trademark for this Italian band from the beginning.
An album dominated by the minor tones and so a little bit melancholic, as the artwork remind us, and always well-planted feed on the Mediterranean origins!

The Superslots Terrible Smashers - 4 Dummies 7"EP
June 2018

The Superslots Terrible Smashers are a psych garage punk combo from Salerno, Italy! This 7"EP has been mixed and mastered by Enzo Siani at Play Music Studio, Cava De' Tirreni, Salerno, Italy, and released on Area Pirata Records with the additional partnership of Tongue Records!

The 16 Eyes - Look LP
June 2018

Introducing The 16 Eyes straight from the Arizona desert with EYES from all over!

The 16 Eyes are new group comprised of garage veterans, blasting the most powerful garage sounds since the 60’s. Keep all of your Eyes and ears open!
Forged in the garage /punk/ psych/ mod scenes of New York,Philadelphia, Seattle and Cincinnati, these Phoenix residents bring their experience to the table, abd to your turntable !!!
If you like bombastic drums, fuzzy guitars, pinball bouncing bass lines and songs that will stick in your head, this band is for you. Drop the needle, PLAY IT LOUD and hold to your ears!!!

Lupe Vélez - Weird Tales CD digipack
June 2018

The band finally debuts and demonstrates its compositional skills, ranging from garage to punk rock with references to power pop and winks at the 60s.
This description is similar to ones of many other bands, but the personal and explosive sound of Lupe Vélez attests musicians who seem to have played together forever.
Now they provided twelve tracks, to those who already know them and to those who have lost them so far!

The Mads - The Orange Plane LP/CD digipack
May 2018

The album includes 14 original compositions, each stylistically quite different: from the Power Pop of "The Orange Plane" to the Soul of "I Like It"; from the Brit Pop of "Freedom at Last" to the Freakbeat "Rainy Day"; from the Rhythm’n’Blues of "You’re A Liar" to the Hammond Stomp of "Do The Snake"; from the Space Rock of "Hold The Alien" to the Baroque textures of "(No My Baby) I’m Not Crazy"; from the Beat of "I Wanna Laugh You" up to the Brit Folk of "Annalisa", they’re all coloured by intense and captivating vocal harmonies to bring you a unique and original sound.
A blend which hones the distinctive contributions of each band member, inspiring and influencing each other, to create, via a special alchemy, the unmistakable style of The Mads!!

Killer Klown - Crappy Circus LP
May 2018

They define their music (inspired by the STOOGES, the CRAMPS, the 60s, PUNK'77 and B-MOVIES) as "wild-doped garage-punk'n'roll". Their lyrics are irreverent and/or steeped in violence, just like their live gigs, which have contributed to the band’s "negative" reputation.
Here's their new album, among freaks and acrobats, where to taste if the definition is true!

The Celibate Rifles - Roman Beach Party LP
May 2018

«Roman Beach Party», the fourth Celibate Rifles album, is an Aussie-rock classic and one of the band's finest moments. It confirms the band's sound and style: fast and aggressive rock'n'roll that, suddenly, can bring listeners into open spaces towards more meditated numbers.
After been out of print for many years, «Roman Beach Party» is now back in a deluxe edition: audiophile 180 grams vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve that includes brand new liner notes and an exclusive interview with Kent Steedman and Damien Lovelock by Italian rock journalist Roberto Calabrò, plus memorabilia and unseen photos.
Download code included

The Trip Takers - Jumper Blues 7"
April 2018

Here are the detailed and deep liner notes by Franco Lys Di Mauro to describe this new bright single by The Trip Takers!

THE TRIP TAKERS – Jumper Blues / Another One (Area Pirata)

We have the new Trip Takers’ work in our hands. Small and round. A black vinyl inside a flashy cover. On each side, there are two and a half centimetres of grooves from which a spring of crystalline sixties waters flows.
Moreover, they are from the Peloritani Mountains, who would have bet on it!

Jumper Blues and Another One continue in the likely, masterly recovery of the folk-punk that had already characterized the tracks of their splendid debut last year.
Harmonica, a bit of fuzz, Vox organ and faultless vocal harmonies, all aimed at recreating an almost perfect time bubble in which the silhouettes of Five Canadians, Knickerbockers, Marauders or Little Boy Blues seem to reverberate. The Trip Takers shake it with cynical self-confidence that blasts open a magical and stormy sixties world.

The music of this Sicilian quintet has a primordial essence that the band profess to be proud of channelling. They skilfully protect it from modern age influences, which could jeopardise their music. Instead, the music finds itself a place amidst the enchanted and remote beauties of the vintage universe.

A parallel and armoured world where, avoiding the clash with everyday life and its gray-poison, colourful dreams predominate and leave their decisive yet deceptive imprint.

The Trip Takers have created a present day sensation that in times past occurred in bands like Optic Nerve, Offhooks or Backdoor Men.
So be generous, buy and enjoy it!

Franco "Lys" Dimauro

The Sick Rose - Someplace Better LP/CD digipack
March 2018

To celebrate its 35th birthday, The Sick Rose releases a new studio album! SOMEPLACE BETTER is the group's seventh LP, and this time the record was produced by American singer, songwriter, producer Ken Stringfellow (R.E.M., Posies, Big Star, Markey Ramone Band).
For the first time, the band has recorded only originals. The eleven songs are the sum of all The Sick Rose's musical influences - from the Garage Rock of the early days, to the R'n'R of the 2nd album Shaking Street, on to the Power Pop characterising the group's later records. The new album is partly inspired by the sound of bands from the early 1980s, such as Records, 20/20 and Shoes.
SOMEPLACE BETTER comes out of a constant search for new ways of expression, while ignoring transient fashions and knowing always how to be in the right place at the wrong time!

Plutonium Baby - BLAST! Sci-Fi Music for Contemporary Freaks LP/CD digipack
March 2018

Universes created to beat boredom, subhuman races, freak twins and psychopathic healers - here is BLAST! Sci-fi music for contemporary maniacs! Garage-psych frenzy without all the useless tinsel, punk attitude and lashing of spastic power pop. My Universe opens the A-side and it immediately puts things straight. Bored aliens having fun creating worlds where they then end up trapped. No Time briefly confirms the psych-garage atmosphere, and soon after Dexter & Debra Morgan slams you into textbook surf sounds. Twin Freaks is a lysergic bubble. With twin souls escaping from the asylum. But which human species do they belong to? What kind of heart do they have? The story continues on the B-side... Journey time: 30 minutes on planet Earth or 30 seconds for those coming from Pluto. Twelve tracks, mixed by the excellent Wolfman Bob (Ultra Twist, BMC), which also include a couple of alternative versions of tracks released on the now unavailable music cassette "Weird World Outtakes and Other Cadavers Exquis"

CUT - A Different Beat LP/CD digipack
March 2018

A Different Beat is CUT's fourth album, originally released by Homesleep Records in 2006. This album really forged the template for the band's contemporary sound. In fact, many of its tunes are still focal points in the band's live shows: Wrong Black City, Sister Guillotine, Sweet Words and live concert climax Nightride.
After being out of print for almost ten years the album has been finally reissued by Area Pirata Records both on vinyl (Gatefold sleeve) and CD.
Physical copies of A Different Beat will come with a code for downloading the full official album plus outtakes and alternate versions

The Scrubs - Skulls And Dolls CD digipack
February 2018

After a promising single, The Scrubs have finally debuted a more substantial work, containing 14 tracks. We, who have waited so long, are finally repaid!

The basic formula is classic Garage Punk but with influences from 60s to 70s effectively and effortlessly added to the mix!

You can't stay still while listening to the 'Skulls And Dolls' songs!! If you also consider that its recording took place at the Atom's Mansion with the support of the prestigious Elfo Studio, then you get the whole picture - sharp riffs and a wild fuzz based sound!

The Smoking Bones - Authorize Yourself CD digipack
January 2018

A year after "Moods", the debut EP of the Italian band, The Smoking Bones release "Authorize Yourself", a 9-track album distributed by the independent label "Area Pirata".
Nine songs that merge sounds from the second half of the '70s and atmosphere of the Scandinavian scene in the beginning of millennium.
The topics covered in this new work concerning the man 's relationship with the rules that he impose to himself and to the community around him, creating limits and boundaries that contribute to the poorness of individuality.
"Authorize Yourself" wants to be an incentive to get out of the box, questioning your world and its certainties, an incentive to break those rules to escape from the globalization of personality.

The project "The Smoking Bones" was born in April 2016, with the intent to create a Scandinavian style r 'n r band. Line-up is made by Lorentz and GG on guitars, Mark on drums, Danz on bass and Dave on vocals.
Their sound is a mix of late '70s punk,hard rock and rock ‘n roll, influenced by the north european scene. They recorded their first EP "Moods" in september (out in 14 Jan for Area Pirata Rec,Double Face Rec and Party Tonite) followed by an intense live activity in several italian cities.
They come back in studio in august to record "Authorize Yourself", the first full album out on 13 january 2018 for Area Pirata Rec. and promoted by live shows around in Italy.

Il Senato - Un Giorno Senza Amore 7"
December 2017

Il SENATO was born from the improvised union of some musicians of the Italian and English mod/garage beat scene, namely by Fay Hallam (keyboard and singer of Makin Time and Prime Movers, with a long and successful solo career), Andy Lewis (former Paul Weller's bassist and internationally renowned artistic producer), Luca Re (singer of Sick Rose, the legendary garage band since the 80’s), Alex Loggia (historical guitarist of Statuto and Il Santo) and Tony Face Bacciocchi (drummer of Not Moving, Lilith and Link Quartet).
Finally, they are giving us something material in addition to their engaging live performances and we are proud to announce that we are debuting on vinyl 7" for this super-band!
It is a limited edition of just 300 copies: hurry up to get yours!

The Strange Flowers - Best Things Are Yet To Come DCD
December 2017

Best Things Are Yet To Come traces and celebrates the career of The Strange Flowers through the retrieval and revision of their musical journey. The double CD includes 30 tracks, of which 5 previously unreleased (3 of them recorded for the occasion), newly mixed, and/or mastered songs, from each of their 7 albums and that deserved to be valued, including the pre-production of Vagina Mother in its almost whole.

The sequence of songs chronologically follows the compositional path of this historical group of the Italian neo-psychedelic scene, photographing its evolution and maturation. A definitive collection that perfectly reflects the spirit of an artistic and human project that flirted with success without ever reaching it, fiercely uncompromisingly, in the midst of joy and sorrow, sadness and happiness, past and future

Alex Loggia - BlueStar LP
November 2017

"Blue Star" cross different kind of sounds and groove! From the black music to the beat, brit pop, swing and more..... It has been released thanks to many special guests, such as: Madaski (Africa Unite), Antonio Bacciocchi (Not Moving), Paolo Angelo Parpaglione (Bluebeaters), Gianluca Cato Senatore (Bluebeaters), Ferdinando Masi (Bluebeaters), Riccardo Trissino (Bluebeaters),Enrico Allavena (Bluebeaters), Jose Loggia (Soulful Orchestra), Oscar Giammarinaro (Statuto), Giovanni Deidda (Statuto), Rudy Ruzza (Statuto), Claudio Arfinengo (Finardi), Marco Lamagna (Finardi), Andy Macfarlane (The Rock'n'roll Kamikaze), Stefano Piri Colosimo (Bandakadabra), Franco Slep Sciancalepore (De Gregori),Marco Ciari (Blind Alley), Sandra Brizzi (Poker), Davide Cuccu (Materianera), Gigi Rivetti, Fabrizio Carrieri, Stefano Bellezza, Oscar Bruno, Andy Caligaris, Alessandro Costa,Roberta Bacciolo, Elena Bacciolo, Roberta Magnetti, Mike Painter, Zak e Julian Loggia (The Minis).

Its promotion will be made with a live tour supported by Andy Lewis (former bassist and producer of Paul Weller) and Tony Face Bacciocchi (Not Moving, Link Quartet, Lilith... at the drums

Maurizio Campisi - Everybody Wants To Know (La mia vita con i Sick Rose) Book
November 2017

Wide Hips '69 - The Gang Bang Theory LP
October 2017

GBT opens up to several musical influences, varying from punk to soul with a touch of glam, and tells about love, hate, anger, pride, serial wankers, coprophagists and toyboys, all that has scarred the band so much over the years to be marked on vinyl grooves! We find a small tribute to the SHAGGS and a proper ghost track dedicated to MR INRI, composed by a mysterious figure who, ashamed of the collaboration, has preferred the anonymity (GoodbyeBoozy, Agoo Records, Ammonia Rec.)

The Trip Takers - The Trip Takers EP 12"
October 2017

"The Trip Takers" project starts from the bases left in the mid-60s by bands such as Beatles and Byrds, to incorporate psychedelic atmospheres that expand the sound, making it addictive, thanks to organ and sitar on the front line. The instrumentation used and a recording technique deliberately far from the digital, but more inclined to the effects produced by the analogic, give a birth to a disc that, even if fresh and immediate, it's far from contemporary productions to create incredibly authentic vintage atmospheres

The Classmates - Between The Lines LP
September 2017

We're proud to announce the release of The Classmates' new album! Soon after the great 2015 debut, in January and December 2016 the band from Bologna has finally decided to get back to studio and, thanks to Matt Bordin of the Outside Inside Studio in Montebelluna (TV), has completed the 10 tracks composing this album. The mastering by Carl Staff - Staff Mastering - in Chicago is just the cherry on top. "Between the lines" delivers us a grown-up band which moves among the twists and turns of the "pre-punk", tracing back the teachings of the garage's forefathers until reaching that punk and power pop sound that has made the Buzzcocks who they are- despite here sounding speeded and blended. A few ballads don't miss out the chance of sounding just signed by Paul Collins!

Four By Art - Inner Sounds CD digipack
July 2017

INNER SOUNDS is the new album from FOUR BY ART.
After 33 years the band release a 13 track CD in collaboration with Artrecords and Area Pirata Records.

'INNER SOUNDS' was produced, recorded and mixed between 2014 and 2017 at Swanlake studio by Filippo Boniello and mastered by Maurizio Giannotti at NewMastering in Milan.
The album comes in a luxury 6 panel digipack hand painted by Mexican artist, "Grace Psychedelicized", who also gave inspiration for the album title

Cockroaches - Rest In Pieces CD digipack
July 2017

Deaf and essential drums by Mr. Hyde exalts the cavernous and often mocking singing of shamanic Bandido Maldito! So, the sharp and raw guitars of a vampirian Greri along with the surfer bass of Labanero!
Here's their second album!
Cockraches: voodoo psychobilly from ROME!!

Lester Greenowski / The Empire Strikes - Split 7"EP
April 2017

Our prolific collaboration with Lester Greenowski and The Empire Strikes goes on!
Lester give us 2 unreleased songs where we can find all his love for Ramones punk rock and power pop, with catchy melodies!!!!
He got 15 years of career, so to celebrate and support this release, it will start for a 3 weeks' tour that will see him engaged in a series of concerts around Europe in his "15th Anniversary Tour".
On the other side, The Empire Strikes, confirm their brilliant Scandinavian rock!
Two unreleased songs as well, recorded in Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Finland in January 2016 : "Enter the Denim" powerful hard rock , melodies a go-go and an amazing songwriting that takes your breath away, "MS Mrs Anderson" the soul power pop walk over with a melancholy ballad that is a continuum of a sort for 1983's "The Ballad of Sailor Hawkins". Unique!!!

Capt Crunch & The Bunch - Crimine Beat LP
April 2017

Born 3 years ago, Capt Crunch & the Bunch are finally back here to present their debut album!
Recorded fully analogue at Orfanotrofio Studio in Lorenzana (Pisa) - Italy. They got exactly the sound who were looking for, mixing the musical tastes of all the musicians involved. So they decide to share the vinyl in an Italian side (sung in their native language) and an English side. Inspired, funny and sarcastic their songwriting.
Their heart is still beat for Dr. Feelgood, and we can see that from the artwork too, but English freakbeat, soul and R&B are part of the cocktail!

T-Shirt Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers / Motherfuckers

For those of you who - just like us - loved CCM and still do after so long, we decided to reprint one of their historical T-shirts, in total agreement with the band members.: This T-shirt exactly reproduces the one they used to sell during their second European tour in 1985, sporting the infamous "MFer" graffiti on its back!
Size available MALE: XL - L - M- S
Size available FEMALE: M- S

Fabrizio Della Porta / Alberto Ezzu / Salvatore D'Urso 'Ursus' - No Strange e Sogni Correlati Book
March 2017

This Italian book sets out to identify and analyse the significant presence of a PSYCHEDELIC idea in yesterday, today and (we hope) tomorrow culture, in order to give a picture (as complete as possible) of this musical and artistic language.

Set like a trip between imaginary planets symbolizing the life of all humanity, 'No Strange e Sogni correlati' is a very varied and complex study, which moves away from the clichés and stereotypes dictated by time.
Many musicians and poets of various nationalities and from different periods gave their contribution to the book in order to reconnect a common path which, starting from the 60s, comes up to our present time.

NO STRANGE edited this work together with the journalist Fabrizio Della Porta, but were also assisted by quite a few collaborators

Effervescent Elephants - Ganesh Sessions CD
March 2017

In 2011 The Effervescent Elephants start recording an album with Claudio Rocchi, but once finished they remain in the studio and decide to record some of those anthems they had played all around during the 80s, along with some previously unreleased songs. The result is what the band consider their musical testament for different reasons.
So, intense nights, very oriental, hence the title of 'Ganesh Sessions', aiming to the Indian and Eastern music that have been always their trademark

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - The Furious Era 1979-1987 DLP / DCD
March 2017

Pisa, Italy, 1979

That's where set its pace one of those cult HC-bands destined to leave an unhealed scar in the still-yet-to-come international musical landscape: furious lyrics full-throated by an out of control voice, a fast as lighting abrasive guitar with no place for any melodies but still abruptly original, along with a drumming ready to massacre ears...CCM (a.k.a. Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers)

Their existence, corresponding with the most prolific HC momentum, ends up in 1987 and their two EPs, the split tape, the LP and the few other scattered songs are by far sufficient to single them out as a standing point and a reference for anyone interested in untamed music.

This release finally fills a gap: their sold out records had never been reprinted so far, thus reaching crazy prices among collectors, while even lame bootleg copies had started to jump out of nowhere.
Since the early start we worked with the two original sound engineers (from West Link Recorders) who had toured and shared all with the band, this "refreshing" of master tapes giving a new incredible shine to the original sound.
We decided as well to include in the package pics, gig flyers and even extracts from lyrics.
Members of the band supported this project since the early start with the common mission to bring back to life a palette of that music which used to correspond with everyday living.

For those who luckily had a chance to see them live maybe moshing at one of their sped-up songs, but also for those others fascinated by the mysterious area surrounding their legend.


Vinyl Edition: 2LP, 140g black vinyl, gatefold cover with double inner sleeve containing pictures, lyrics and a "Discography" insert, along with English/Italian biography.

CD Edition: DCD with a 36-page booklet, plus an unreleased song, hardcover

Preorder availble through Bandcamp! Release date: 06th March 2017

Thee FuzzWarr - Emporium & Overdose LP
February 2017

Fuzzwarrr or the new and luscious duo of "il Santo" & "Pinna" (the Holy & Fin), respectively coming from two of the best Italian R'n'R combos as the Last Killers and Hormonauts !!
With the release of their first official album "Emporium & overdose", lay the foundation for a virulent and significant ragged garage-rock crazy, littered with litanies noise, elegy distorted and slow-burning blues.
Here's another chapter in the modern history of the garage psych-noise community released by Pirata Area in 2017, ready to be written, and still bubbling under the radar of the prolific Italian scene.
Recording lo-fi, on a Tascam 388 at the 'Emporio' studio in Cesena. Cover designed by Edie Fake, American artist who has already collaborated with punk label and the US bands, such as Castle Face Records, Rotted Tooth Recordings, Touch Tapes and Don Giovani Records.

"Emporium & overdose" is the debut album of Fuzzwarrr !!

Now sit back, turn up the volume and irritate your sensitive neighbors ....
They deserve anyway anyways!

Cut - Second Skin LP / CD
February 2017

"20 Years on the Wrong Side of the Road" - Second Skin" is the new album by CUT and their sixth studio full length since the beginnings of the band in 1996

Radio Zero - Vecchi Treni Resistenti LP/CD digipack
February 2017

The RADIO ZERO are back with this new album " Vecchi Treni Resistenti " and after a few years since their debut on 10", back to walk together with Pirata Area Rec. They left the impetuosity garage of the beginning, this new work sung in Italian, is able to mix different kind of music, folk rock, but mostly punk and rock with songs that bring to mind names like Husker Du and the Italian bands CCCP and Timoria, surely, they're catchy songs!!!! The proof that there is still a fine Italian way to rock!

Le Muffe - Fuoco e Fiamme CD digipack
February 2017

After about two years since the release of their debut album " Penna,Tornio e Salame", Le Muffe come back more explosive than ever with their new release entitled "Fuoco e Fiamme"!
37 minutes of rage and fury in your face.
No holidays, no self-deceptive hypocrisies, here you can have malaise and alienation. Gaze on reality is cynical, or at best disenchanted.
Let's listen to their crazy and original songs sung in Italian!!

The Smoking Bones - Moods MCD digipack
January 2017

The project "The Smoking Bones" was born in April 2016, as a means of creating a r'n'r band in a Scandinavian style.
Their sound is a mix of late '70s punk, hard rock and rock 'n roll, influenced by the north European scene

The Mads - In Italiano MCD digipack
December 2016

The Mads have always written and sung in English, except for this EP that collects unreleased recordings 1979/83, in Italian. " Sono Chiuso In Lei" is the Italian version of the mod-beat "I'm Lonely Boy", "Psycho Rock'n'Roll Art" is a British blues, now available in 2 languages. "Io Dirò combines an elaborate late-beat melody with a typical nursery rhyme chorus of Creation and The Who. "Solo Verità", inspired by Bowie, is the last track recorded as The Mads "phase I"

The Nitroglycerine - Gimme Money 7"
December 2016

The Nitroglycerine is a proto punk, garage, blues band of Irno Valley (Salerno).
The name was inspired by a Gories (Detroit) song. The band was founded by guitarists Nico Plescia (The Supersolots Terrible Smashers, The Dead Flints, ex The Bidons) and Peppe Casaburi.
Afterwards, drummer Carmine Siniscalco and vocalist Alfredo Maddaloni became members of the band.
After founding a record label - Chono Records - the band recorded a number of songs at Bunker Studio of Gabriele Concas, with mastering done by Gabriele Loria at Rupa Rupa Studio.
Lyrics by Luigi Sabino (Gimme Money) and Manuel Speziale (Behind The Scenes).

Side A - Gimme Money
Side B - Behind the Scenes

Mods! - Do You Think That Money 7"
December 2016

Alex Loggia (guitar of the Statuto) and Tony Face Bacciocchi (drums, to name just few bands, of Not Moving, Link Quartet and Lilith) create a theatrical-musical show called Mods! to present all around Italy the story of that subculture, but now it becomes a vinyl single as well, in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies!
This is actually a double sided, as we're used to say when both songs of the single are stormin' dancefloor!
'Do You Think That Money' on one side where the great songwriting of Luca Re (The Sick Rose), along with Alex, meets our duo plus and everything is embellished from Fay Hallam keyboards (Makin 'time, Prime Movers and Fay Hallam Trinity). A r&b track straight out of a smoky Londoner pub from mid 70s.
The other side sees a brilliant cover of the debut solo Curtis Mayfield, once left The Impressions, a great UK hit, rather than US. Special Guests here are also Paolo 'The Angelo' Parpaglione (The Bluebeaters) on sax and Zak Loggia (The Minis), son of Alex, on guitar.
Produced by Alex Loggia and recorded / mixed at Studio wood. It would be a crime to miss this single!!

Antonio Cecchi - No More Pain - Book
November 2016

The outstanding and motivational story of an Italian cult band. From the birth of CCM until their very last screams echoing in the HC-Punk scene!! Front cover: "St Francis preaching to the appliances", by Winston Smith Back cover and lettering: Federico Del Vecchio, Voodoo Design Lab Book layout: Roby Noise Lots of rare and unseen photos and flyers of the HC era! 250 pages. Strictly limited first edition (only 200 copies)

The Bone Machine - Sotto Questo Cielo Nero LP
October 2016

The Bone Machine is the dark side, desperate and grotesque of Italian rock'n'roll.
In this new album , the band always digs deeper in the dirt of the marsh mud revealing new stories - such as blood soaked dreams - that you can listen to by lovers and the drunken monkeys patrons of the cafe of the cemetery.
13 tracks , 3 taken from the latest 7" "Noi Siamo zombies", in which the masked band pours 17 years of wild freedom and madness.
Once again the Rockabilly psycho, the Garage Punk and the Blues blend with the texts engraved with nails on the toilet walls of the cemetery cafe overlooking hell.
The sound is enriched with new fiery elements and collaborations proving that you do not travel through just one kind of music: Violin , Organ , Harmonica , Sax and Piano accompanying guitar, bass and drums among the dark alleys of a maze in which to lose to meet our beloved / hated demons.
The album starts with "Rock'n'Roll o Morte" whose beginning is a brief tribute to the late 50s Desperate Rock'n'roll, "Rock'n'Roll Guitar" by Johnny Knight (1958). The rest is to explore how the depths of an ocean that hides wrecks and tells the story of a never forgotten past . The cover is designed by Gerlanda di Francia. 180 gr. vinyl, CD attched and handnumbered!

Tony Borlotti e I Suoi Flauers - Battuti e Beati!
October 2016

"Battuti e Beati" contains 4 original tracks, one of which is 'Superwoman', already present in the album 'The World is Strange', but here rearranged.
This release is also used to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the first ever concert held by the band precisely in 1996

The Barbacans - A Monstrous Self-Portrait LP
October 2016

The Barbacans’ third album, titled "A Monstrous Self-portrait", out soon on vinyl-only for Boss Hoss Records Italy, Coypu Records, and Area Pirata Records, collects songs ranging from garage, to rock and punk.
Characterized by their classic Farfisa sound, it will be presented with a Mexican tour in October 2016.
God save the fuzz and The Barbacans!

The Gentlemens - Hobo Fi LP/CD
October 2016

New album, the forth, for this Italian combo! Their blend Blues, Soul and R'n'R Punk mature and become a trademark! The vinyl edition includes digital download card!

Le Carogne - Triodo LP/CD
September 2016


As by now linked to a sort of numerical count of their works and having published an album entitled "Second" in 2013, it was clear they wouldn't have missed a chance to come out with TRIODO", the third album by the Ligurian band known as LE CAROGNE .
Given the considerable financial effort aimed at publishing both the CD and the longtime dreamt 12 " version, the band sought the help of a line of labels spanning all over Italy, including newborns like Chono Records and Party Tonite as well as the historical Area Pirata and Rude Records, who promptly answered the call of the band and gave voice to these 9 tracks of garage-punk and other noisy r'n'r (as just quoted from an old interview) suspended in a dreamy 60s haze, featuring an Arthur Brown- in-speed organ line. The lyrics, in Italian, keep a focus on distress, disillusionment and provocation. The icing on the cake is finally represented by the graphics and in particular the beautiful cover art designed and hand painted by Riccardo Rossetti himself.
Recorded and mixed by Matteo "Mr. Dula "Dolla at Dula's Studio di Diano Marina (IM) in 2015/2016.
Mastering by Giovanni "Meniak" Nebbia at Ithil World Studio of Imperia in 2016


1- Deserto
2-Primo della lista
3- Macchie
4- Carogne Blues
5- Di tutti i colori

6- Brigante
7- Altrove
8- W.M.D
9- Nightime


Stefano Rossetti - Bass Riccardo Rossetti - Vox, Organ, Synth Carlo Novaro - Guitar Daniele "Lo Slavo" - Drums

The Mads - On The Bus 7"
August 2016

The Mads, the first Mod band in Italy, are back with a new single! "On The Bus" b/w "The Way She Smiles" is the exciting follow up to last year's "What I Need / Virtual World" (2015). This new 45rpm is released strictly on BLUE vinyl and features two original songs. "On The Bus" is genuine power pop dipped in R&B and written by Marco Pertusati. "The Way She Smiles", written by Toni Graziani, drives along with a soul-beat characterized by intense vocal harmonies, a trademark of the group. Their old friend and close collaborator Flavio Candiani (a.k.a. Cpt.Stax) is debuting as a lyricist for both songs

Blood '77 - Jägerbomber 7"EP
July 2016

Blood '77 is a punk-rock band born in Formia (Italy) in 2003.
They play nihilistic and delusional songs with English lyrics, sounding in between 60s US garage punk, punk '77 and power pop!

The Superslots Terrible Smashers - Kidnappings CD digipack
July 2016

The Superslots Terrible Smashers are a garage punk band from Salerno, formed in July 2015 by the meeting of guitarist Nico Plescia (Nitroglycerine, Dead Flints, formerly The Bidons) with Bruno Ruggiero (vocals) and Roberto Mirabella (bass) , later joined by Gabriele Concas (drums) . The band is inspired by several giants of the genre (The Sonics, The Morlocks, The Fuzztones , The Cynics) by all the Nuggets bands and the latest Jay Reatard , Thee Oh Sees, Billy Childish & Mick Collins.
Their first hit single "Lickin' Ears" was digitally released by Area Pirata in November 2015.
The band finished recording their first album at Kaspar House by Ferdinando Farro, it has been released for Area Pirata Records in Chono Records and the contribution of comic artist Luca Maresca (Bonelli Editore) for the cover art!

The Kaams - Don't Forget My Name 7"
July 2016

The band is finally back with a double shot!!
Beware of their sound, an unique mix of R&B, R&R and Garage with undertones of Power Pop!
A-side 'Don't Forget My Name' in the vein of early Kinks, even if more powerful and maybe appealing.
B-side an enthusiastic version of The Box Tops 'Letter' will become your next tune to listen to endlessly.
Recorded at CB Recording Studio (Bergamo - Italy) by Andrea Facheris and Marco Facheris. Artwork by Parolone of The Morbeats!

Big Mountain County - Anachronicle CD digipak
April 2016

One year after their debut album ("Breaking Sound" Gas Vintage Records / Goodfellas), the Big Mountain County is finally back with a live record that's a bombshell, in the name of a particular kind of psych-rock, among the best in Italy.
"Anachronicle", recorded on November 2015,  is made of 9 songs (approximately 50 minutes) all taken from their last album, except "Brain Machine" e "My Time", which come from their previous 7"EP and one unreleased song,  "Breakable"

The Bidons - Clamarama CD digipak
April 2016

Twelve pure garage rock bullets. Raids from screaming fuzz, piano, organ, theremin and sax create a sound structure influenced by the punk urgency, the power pop impulsivity, the surf carefreeness and the rough essentialness of rock and roll. "Clamarama" offers a twine of brash and percussive intrigues, a sonic explosion of disinhibition, sex, insanity and colours at a Sixties party!

Blackboard Jungle Silver Drops On Jesus' Skull (And More) 1986-1989 CD digipak
April 2016

Area Pirata returns again to dip into the 80s with an Italian band from Brindisi. They didn't follow the popular garage/psychedelic wave but were devoted to a rough-but-melodic sound, kind of American roots rock with a punkish temperament. In 1989 they recorded "Silver Drops On Jesus' Skull", a mini-LP released by Federico Guglielmi's High Rise. The journalist supervised the studio production too and now arranged (along with the band) this first reissue on CD enriched with a lot of unreleased tracks

The Morlocks - The Morlocks 7"
April 2016

The Morlocks are pleased to present their new 7inch single "Time to Move" backed with "Hang Up" on Area Pirata Records.

This new all European Morlocks line up has just begun to flex its muscles! With a who's who of fuzz merchants from some of the most prolific and loved bands in Europe.
With founding member Leighton Koizumi at the lead the Morlocks put to rest the comparison to "revival" and "reunion"outfits.

Believing that you are only as good as your last record, the Morlocks have produced one of those rare singles , a double A side ! In other words "all killer , no filler"!

Temporal Sluts - Modern Slavery Protocol CD digipack
April 2016

Finally. After more than 20 years, Temporal Sluts are putting out their very first full length album: Modern Slavery Protocol, 10 songs of the same furious punk rock they've been playing since day one.

Born in Como in 1995, Temporal Sluts are veterans of the Italian punk rock scene with several 7s and EP's released, a lot of European tours, and shows supporting legendary bands like Leaving Trains, Hypnotics, Humpers and Radio Birdman. Their name has always been well known among underground punk/rock&roll fanatics.
Temporal Sluts' line-up has been through a lot of changes during the last 20 years, but since 2014 they are rock solid: founding members Rob Slut and Killer Tony - voice and drums, Luca Slut - lead guitar, Steve - bass, Miguel Basetta - rhythm guitar.
Modern Slavery Protocol was recorded at New Recorded Studio in Como by Frederic Mazzei (guitarist of the Leeches, good ol' friends of Temporal Sluts). It's a straight in your face album, fast guitar-driven punk rock, certainly influenced by Stooges, Dead Boys, Saints, Lazy Cowgirls, Adolescents and New Bomb Turks, but definitely 100% sweaty Temporal Sluts.

1 - Cosmocracy
2 - Flash Crash
3 - Fractured Mantra
4 - To_Get_Her
5 - Black Clouds (Red Knees)
6 - Rum Dark Room
7 - MSP
8 - Liquid Fever
9 - Tarzana Cigarette Girl
10 - Zero Killed

Lucyfer Sam - Lucyfer Sam LP
March 2016

The spark burst from night gatherings and shared stages, from a story of friendship and common experiences in years and years of rock'n'roll (mis)adventures, and made a kind of underground supergroup featuring members of Ray Daytona and Googoobombos, Killer Klown and Cannibals. Here's their debut album!!

The Crybabys / Lester Greenowski - The Italian Job - Split
February 2016

Side A:
The Crybabys to celebrate 25 years from their first record release, after 15 years of hiatus, founding members Honest John Plain (The Boys, Ian Hunter, The Lurkers, Mannish Boys), Darrell Bath (Uk Subs, Vibrators, Dogs D'Amour, Ian Hunter) and Robbie Ruston (Whizz Kids, Captain Sensible, Gunslingers, Mannish Boys) augmented by Lester Greenowski (Lester and the Landslide Ladies, Honest John Plain) went back to the studio. Crybabys are ready to set to woo a new generation with their Mott The Hoople, Rolling Stones, Humble Pie, Faces inspired brand of rock 'n' roll. Formed in London in the early summer of 1990 the band quickly built a substantial live following securing a record deal with Receiver and were voted "Best New Band of 1991" by Kerrang Magazine. In 1995 Plain and Bath were chose by the living legend Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople) to write, perform and even share vocal duties on his 1995 Dirty Laundry. In 2015 the band decide to record a new version of "Scars", song they penned for the "Dirty Laundry" record, with Bath on main vocals and to revisit Jagger, Richards timeless classic "Tell Me".

Side B:
Lester Greenowski (Lester and the Landslide Ladies, Honest John Plain, The Crybabys) is back with two brand new songs written and recorded on the road in between tours. After almost 15 years on the scene, gigs, releases, collaborations and overall the seal of approval of both critics and audience Greenowski confirmed himself, among his generation, as one of the best in what he does: rock and roll. So if it's rock and roll what you looking for that's exactly what you'll get with "On The Autobahn" and "Again", the new numbers you will find on this split, get ready for a good time

The Link Quartet - Quattro Pezzi Facili 7"EP
February 2016

The Link Quartet created "Quattro Pezzi Facili" with Silvia Molinari, an experienced singer with an incredible emotional charge. In search of the perfect balance between a signature instrumental energy and the intrinsic talent of Molinari, the group was inspired to reinvent foreign songs in Italian. The discovery of unreleased 60s scores allowed the group to explore and play with the sounds of that era but with an ear free to create something without precedent. Paolo Apollo Negri, Renzo Bassi, and Alberto Maffi created modern arrangements while Marco Murtas and Molinari interpreted the lyrics. The results are the imagings of Love Buzz (Shocking Blue), I'm A Woman (Shocking Blue), and Back Up Against The Wall (Blood Sweat And Tears). Completing the collection is a reinvention of the Ombretta Colli 1969 take of Harley Davidson (Serge Gainsbourg

The Scrubs - Please Go Out 7"
February 2016

Debut single for this wil Italian Garage combo around Milan!! Dig It!!

White Pagoda - Everything Explodes LP
January 2016

In exclusive distribution!!

The new album by the White Pagoda will be called "Everything Explodes" and will be released in January 2016 for Sonatine Produzioni, Let's Goat Records and Area Pirata. This is the third album of this Italian band from Tuscany, immediately after their 7 " released in 2014 by Spectre Records, Area Pirata and Rocketman Records.

Recorded and mixed at Gorilla Punch in Siena (Italy), the artwork is by the illustrator Marco About from Rome.
Twelve pieces of punk / pop that put together last as long as a song by Dream Theater.

1 - Cherry Pies
2 - Some trangers love
3 - Long Tongues
4 - You should be right
5 - She's gone
6 - The right hand
7 - Bride dog
8 - Hi Sonic
9 - Dee hi why
10 - Sad girl
11 - Violent (I feel fine)
12 - It's all wrong

Not Moving - Flash On You CD/LP
January 2016

Another nugget from the 80s Italian Garage/R'n'R/Punk scene is coming back to you with this reissue of "Flash On You" by legendary Not Moving.
Originally released in 1988 by Electric Eye, "Flash On You" is one of the band's finest records, now available for the very first time on a new LP 180 gram vinyl edition.
The album has been remastered from the original master source to sound more powerful and dynamic, keeping intact the soul of each song.
LP edition shows the original tracklist, it's a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies on 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve including liner notes, lyrics and previously unseen photos!

V/A - L'Ottava Vita - Tributo a Claudio Rocchi CD digipack
October 2015

Claudio Rocchi, poet, thinker, musician, mystic, director, traveller and explorer of new and unexpected dimensions. He was a key figure in Italian culture, writing pages of great depth and rarefied beauty. His works contributed to shape the conscience and spirit of many people for several generations.
A tribute from musicians and non-musicians whose lives have been crossed by his genius. An idea which was born when he still walked the roads of this world, in what he defined his "seventh life", concluded when he crossed the threshold that brought him to the eighth life, the last we are allowed to know

The Bone Machine - 4 Tracks 7"Ep
October 2015


New Ep for the wildest and twisted R'n'R band who sings in Italian! Limited edition of 300 copies handnumbered! Recorded at the Hombre Lobo Studio (Roma) in January 2015. Cover artwork: the Arch Villain.
Tracklist: 1. Noi siamo Zombies 2. Sono sempre un cane 3. Senza più niente 4. Dirty robber

Golden Shower - Gasolio 7"Ep
September 2015

Due to the lineup change that brought in Paolo Dondoli aka Jebediah ( ex Ray Daytona ) as second guitarist, the sound of the band has become even powerful: four different songs that range from Garage, R'n'R and R&B with echoes of Fuzztones, Stones and Paul Revere & the Raiders but with the same trade-mark!
Fill up your tank at the Golden Shower station!

No Strange - Universi e Trasparenze 10"
June 2015

Thirty years ago we did our first LP and that's how the No Strange (post No-Strani and post tape self production) discographic trip started and we achieved this also thanks to Toast Records , which was born officially at the same time.
On this 10", our first out on this format, we decided to pay tribute to musicians that have been formative to us.

This is the first time we play tracks we didn't write but these aren't just covers... at all! They are personal interpretations of tracks that represents our roots. Tracks that are coming from the most intense period of our existence: the period between 60s and 70s. Distant souls that are always by our side, tinted with dreams. Psychedelic souls in self contemplation... for all their life!

The Bone Machine - Giù Nel Mio Inferno Lp
June 2015

The album has 12 tracks with rough, spare, deep and hollow sound. Primitive Rock'n'Roll, rotten blues, psychotic rockabilly, wild garage-punk blend, as a diabolic potion, with hallucinated and grotesque stories soaked with demons between a horrible nightmare and real life. Lyrics in Italian sang with scratching and harsh voice. The artwork is by Rocco Lombardi and inspired to the lyric of the title track "Gi nel mio inferno". 2 years later, in June 2015, finally comes out on Area Pirata Records, in vinyl and with revised artwork (limited numbers of 300 LPs including 150 LPs with splatter colors

Gli Avvoltoi Quando Vuoi Scappare (1991-1995) CD digipack
June 2015

This album contains all the material recorded by the band, including many unreleased tracks, in the years from 1992 to 1995 and it can be considered a "definitive" collection that resumes that awesome period and photographs it in its true shades and in its essence!

The Strange Flowers - Pearls At Swine CD digipack
June 2015

"Pearls At Swine" is the new album of The Strange Flowers, to be released on June 15 2015 by Area Pirata Records. It comes after a 20-year carrier spent speaking all tongues of psychedelia, a term that in the case of the Strange Flowers indicates an attitude more than a style. In the Strange Flowers of "Pearls At Swine", dilatations, even if still present, leave room to the fairy visions of paisley-pop, to the irony of beat, to the impetus of garage-rock, all dressed with the new sound given by a line up that now includes Rhodes bass and organ

The Empire Strikes - 1983 CD digipack
March 2015

The Empire Strikes from Finland. Garage/Action Rock/ Power Pop at its finest, The Empire Strikes is out to get you shaking! After two EPs in as many years the sweat soaked live show energy has been captured on tape for a debut album you're going to listen now in spring 2015!
Formed in 2012, The Empire Strikes wants to sing the praises of high-energy rock 'n roll. Live shows around Finland and in the Baltic have been the foundation this far and now it's time to share the beat with a wider audience!!

The Barbacans - Mai Sepolti 10"
March 2015

In exclusive distribution!!

The Barbacans, pure garage fuzz from Fano (Pesaro, Italy), two years after their second album "No Hits For The Kids", offer a 10" vinyl record titled Mai Sepolti (Never Buried) with six magnificent tracks from the famous American collection "Back From The Grave", due out for Boss Hoss Records, Area Pirata, and Dead Music in early 2015: a real treat for lovers of the wildest garage rock!

Side A:
Se Non Fossimo I Soli
Vittima Delle Circostanze

Side B:
Mary Mary
Noi Non Ci Capiamo
Con Te Nell'aldilà

The Hatfields - The Kid From Cincy
The Alarm Clocks - No Reason To Complain
Roy Junior - Victim Of Circumstances
The Shandels - Mary Mary
The Jujus - Do You Understand Me
The Montels - You Can't Make Me

All songs and lyrics have been rearranged by The Barbacans and inspired by the songs of the collection "Back From The Grave"

Covers and graphics by Tristan Wilder
Recorded and Mixed by Michele Conti
Produced by Boss Hoss Records

The Classmates - The Classmates Cd digipack
March 2015

The Classmates are a band from Bologna give us a unique blend of primordial punk, garage, powerpop and anything else that is good together. After few gigs they recorded a live demo in the summer of 2012 and at the beginning of 2015 they released their first album "The Classmates" for Area Pirata.
No frills like their music, they introduce themselves with this debut album ready to burn any stage! Catchy songs with elementary and explosive riff, a rhythm section that makes a wall of sound and abrasive and melodic vocals. Their merit is certainly to be able to let play fresh and contemporary the '76 Punk sound which has its roots in the sixties Garage!

The Mads - What I Need / Virtual World 7"
March 2015

Formed in Milan in 1979 and playing an energetic blend of beat and rhythm 'n' blues, The Mads were probably the first Italian Mod band.

In four solid years of gigging, their reputation grew and The Mads became an absolute legend of the Modernist underground scene. The band re-formed with the original lineup in 2012. Through 30 years of musical experience, including various solo activities, they have achieved a thoroughly British and immediate sound. The Mads' live shows are a mix of 60's classics and original songs. Their brand new single, a real "double A-side", fully showcases all the influences of the band and their undiminished enthusiasm! Limited Edition: only 200 copies white vinyl!!

Out of Time - Stories We Can Tell & More Cd
March 2015

Another amazing band is now back from the grave! Out Of Time were part of the 'neo-Sixties' underground movement during the mid-80s in Italy and were included in the legendary Eighties Colours' compilation.
Their short artistic life didn't prevent the band to release a great album called "Stories We Can Tell" and share the stage with some of the most talented international bands of that time such as Long Ryders, Dream Syndicate, Smithereens, Go Betweens, That Petrol Emotion, Doctor and The Medics, Naked Prey...
This release includes their never reissued album "Stories We Can Tell" (1985) and many bonus tracks.
Any track has been remastered from the original source. CD comes out with a rich booklet including unseen photos, reviews and interviews!

Sick Boys Revue - Sick Tales Cd
March 2015

In exclusive distribution!!

The band was born in 2007 falling in love with Social Distortion and his leader, Mike Ness. They start as a tribute band until 2012 when they decide to write their own songs and later to release this album.
Old school punk rock with a fresh sound, catchy songs tinged with R'n'R and sometimes country and rockabilly!!

Watang! - Miss Wong 10"
March 2015

Watang! is a surf-instro project wanted by El Sentenza, banjo player from the Legendary Kid Combo, together with Marla'O, guitar player from the all-female italian garage queens The Cleopatras.
This first rate Italian Garage/Surf band comes with their own brand of wyld instrumental kink, mixed the influences of The Bomboras, Fuzztones, The Ventures & Dick Dale with bloody Far East vibes. Hi-Profilic Reverb/Fuzz/Organ driven tunes as ya all wanna meet here on Surfadelic. Their sound creates an CINEMATIC surf experience like it was made for some lost 70's Hong Kong KUNG-FU flick, alternative soundtrack for "Enter The Dragon" or some Takashi Miike KILLER extravaganza. One of the best new surfin' stuff I heard lately, so don't you dare miss it! Say... WATANG!

Fuck Knight - Puke All Over Themselves Cd digipack
February 2015

After a stint in New York City as drummer for Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, GD Mills (aka Sir Gregory Fuck Knight) packed up two drums, a cymbal, two sticks and a microphone and headed west to Minneapolis on an art school scholarship.
In the aftermath of a violent 'destruction of school property' performance which ultimately lead to his expulsion, Mills formed Fuck Knights in 2007 with bassist Joe Holland on the very same day as the I-35W bridge collapse.
Basement keggers soon became crowded bar gigs, word-ofmouth became press coverage, self-made cassettes became 7" records released on regional and then European labels (including an EP recorded by Gary Burger from The Monks), and shared bills with the likes of King Khan and BBQ Show, Greenhornes, Black Diamond Heavies, Brimstone Howl, Human Eye, Jacuzzi Boys, Lover!, Monotonix, and Peelander-Z became tours throughout the U.S. Great Lakes/Rust Belt region. "Fully endorsed" by Maximumrocknroll and described by Mongrel Zine as "way cool psychedelic garage punk", Fuck Knights' raging, ragged rock and roll, according to Smashin' Transistors, "pays homage to the 60s but doesn't care to sit around and play dress up because it's been proven that jumping in a time machine is corny".
They just wanna play loud, probably get drunk and maybe get laid (or get arrested trying). Featuring Mills on lead vocals and an upright 2-piece drum kit, Holland on bass, guitarist Benjamin Sommers- Bachman, and David C. Steffens on trumpet and harp, the band is gearing up to release its first full-length, "Let It Bleed", on Pesaro, Italy-based Boss Hoss Records in June of 2011.
In 2013 they take part to the compilation "The Wildest Things In The World" along with The Frowning Clouds (Australia), The Wildmen (Italy) and The Hollywood Sinners (Spain).

Le Muffe - Penna, Tornio & Salame CD slim
November 2014

In exclusive distribution!!

Le Muffe are a trio formed in 2011 and composed by Ol Pipa (Organ, Piano, Synth, mouth organ/Harmonica, Kazoo and voice), Il duca Alain (Bass and chorus) and Bert (Drums and chorus).
Le Muffe now debut with their first recording entitled "Penna, Tornio e Salame": more than 52 minutes for a total of 14 songs literally shot in the face to the listener!!! This is an album with a lot of irons in the fire and several facets, something absolutely original and unusual that penetrates you, conquer you and you don't spring more!!

An obsessive organ, a hoarse and powerful voice, Italian lyrics which don't talk about sun and sea but about this rotten society and the deep-seated evil within each of us, all faced with a lucidity and poetic astounding!!!
It's one of the few truly successful attempts to keep together Beat, Garage and some tints of Prog with the love to the most visceral Blues and Punk. The first reference is Arthur Brown in amphetamine but listening carefully there is much, much more!!!

The Secret Tape - The Secret Tape 7"Ep + CD
November 2014

A new record for Area Pirata and White zoo that is a debut and rebirth for Secret Tape.

Four tracks first of all played for fun. A tribute to the new garage-rock (Black Lips, Ty Segall &co.) mixed with good old days Libertines sound.

The result is the new garage sound widespread lately also in Europe, the Secret Tape are the Italian young spokesman!

Wide Hips 69 - Menopause (Live In Studio) Cd digipack
November 2014

Second album for this crazy Garage/Punk/R'n'R female band! Their original taste goes over the lessons getting from Cramps, NY Dolls and MC5 giving us back 10 original songs + 1 cover intended to inflame us!!

The Kaams - One to Six CD
October 2014

THE KAAMS since 2009. A foursome who come screaming out of Bergamo, Italy, with the perfect mix of R&B, garage, r'n'r, and blues nuances, all wrapped up in the kind of catchy melodies that are near impossible NOT to dance to.

Lester Greenowski - It's nothing serious just life CD digipack
October 2014

"It's nothing serious just life" is the first solo album by Lester Greenowski.

This new work include an excellent guest list Honest John Plain, Ricky Rat (Trash Brats, Kevin K, Luxury Pushers ecc.), Texas Terri, Wilko Zanni (Rats, Megajam5), Max Marmiroli (Rockin' Chairs), Mario Parisini...

Lester retraces those last two years through 14 new songs that pays tribute to 70s New York rock scene, classic 70s hard rock and a spray of uk glam rock. 14 anthems that learns from the glories of the past to live in the now.

Strawman - Strawman CD
September 2014

In exclusive distribution!!

The Strawman started at the end of 2012 in La Spezia, thanks to Gregorio Maggiani (Greg - voice), Paolo Gnaga (guitar - former of Fall Out, King Mastino and Radiozero), Alberto Caruso (Aboo - bass guitar) and Andrea Chiavacci (drums - ex Made).

Right from the beginning all four members have the same idea to produce a lively garage rock that shakes hands with an American 70's sound. However without any discretion towards the psychedelic sounds and the late 80's Seattle sound.

After some very positive live performances that helps the group achieve gigs on some of the most important stages of local clubs and bars (Skaletta Rock Club, Shake Club, Swamp Club, also a very impressive performance held at a summer festival in La Spezia BOSS) the band decide in 2014 to give birth to their first namesake album thanks to a very precious collaboration with Area Pirata.

The whole album is entirely written and composed by the band and sung in English. For the registration the group turned to Maurizio Dazzi who has phonic studio that is very much valued in their city. Dazzi was responsible for the registration, mixing and mastering. Attention must be made to the presence of Lungo 's voice that appears in some of the songs (singer of Radiozero, Polvere di Pinguino and others) as backing vocals.

Curiosity: The name of the band holds homage to the namesake of the song from Lou Reed in the album "New York".



Gravedigger V - All Black and Hairy 30th anniversary edition
August 2014

San Diego, California, 1984, one of the best bands of the now well-know Garage revival scene from the 80s was born! As their singer, Leighton Koizumi, said in their liner notes We know the story and we want to celebrate the 30th anniversary with this special release, where you can find for the first time All Black and Hairy and Spooky on a 7 at 45 RPM! We think Itll make happy any fan and friend of the band! Limited edition of 300 copies hand numbered and first 100 on red vinyl!! So, hurry up!!

Sick Rose featuring Dom Mariani - Live In Studio 7"Ep
August 2014

Four songs, four covers to reclaim their roots, as well as a key to reinterpret some obscure classics their own way. The record having been recorded entirely live in studio, represents an authentic snapshot of the band playing their all-time favorite tunes. The EP is a genuine collector item with a special carved cardstock cover: it will be released in limited edition of 320 copies, which 100 of them are in pink vinyl!!

Steeplejack - Dream Market Radio 2LP+CD
July 2014

Here's the amazing and long awaited Steeplejack's NEW double Long Playing!
<It's a magic enchantment born from a "strange" combination of lysergic rock, primitive blues, acid folk and ethnic music, all distilled in 13 original tracks plus a transfigured cover of Captain Beefheart's "Kandy Korn" and a heavily revisited ancient traditional song ("Gallows Pole")> #Roberto Calabrò
Ltd edition of 400 copies including lyric sheet, gatefold sleeve and CD!!

Watang! - Miss Wong CD
June 2014

In exclusive distribution!!

Watang! is a surf-instro project wanted by El Sentenza, banjo player from the Legendary Kid Combo, together with Marla'O, guitar player from the all-female italian garage queens The Cleopatras.
This project was born at the beginning of last summer '13, with the help of Barba San, from the Italian beat band The Albino's, Cecilia Ann, famous bass based indie-pendent songwriter and Mimmì, one of the best and eclectic drummers of the Garda Lake area.

The former idea was to create a standard surf combo, then after a couple of weeks in the basement, the project took a different shape, mixing the musical tastes of all the musicians involved. The original surf sound took a different direction, moving towards the surf revival of the 90's, the garage beat revival, and the traditional Oriental melodies from the Far East area.

All the imaginary and the artwork was inspired by the oriental Z movies, martial arts and fancied mysterious stories from ancient east.
The band wear original Kung Fu kimonos and the (dragon) ladies are dressed like famous almond eyed movies star actresses. Among the main influences of the band you can find The Bomboras, Ghastly Ones, Satan's Pilgrims, mixed with The Ventures, Takeshi Terauchi, The Fuzztones, Gravedigger V, Roky Erikson, The Pixies, The Cramps, Link Wray, Johnny Thunders, the Gun Club, Dick Dale, Question Mark and the Mysterians and more!


1) Return of The Dragon Lady
2) Wok Don't Run
3) Barba Kutsushita
4) Sing Sing Singapore
5) Miss Wong
6) Siam Cat
7) Monte Baldo like Fujiyama
8) Casbah*

All songs written by Watang except for * written by Richard Podolor

The Bugz - Confusion CD digipack
May 2014

In exclusive distribution!!

Here's finally the 3rd album of this legend called 'The Bugz', from Pisa, Italy! It's titled "Confusion" and comes after their previous "Demonio" and "Oblivion".

They decide to record everything just in one day to try to capture the energy and powerful they got live on stage

No digital artifices, nothing but just a natural rough and dirty analogical sound!

Imagine shuffle Garage/RnR/Blues/Surf/Punk add a dab of Soul and you'll have a recipe for their crazy sound!


- I said yeah
- Chinese
- Confusion
- Are you looking for me?
- shake it
- Great show 4.00
- 2\4 2.55
- weatherman 3.26 
- Terrible 2.01
- Rotten Soul 3.13

White Pagoda - You should be right / Bride dog 7"
April 2014

In exclusive distribution!!

Before White Pagoda there were Joey Quebradas (a very angry rock'n'roll band), once disbanded, The Gil, Luz and 3, slowly transformed it into White Pagoda, finally complete with the arrival of The Cri ( a.k.a. Johnny The Folk) who took part to the band in the early months of 2007.
"Sofa" the first album, goes out on 2008 : D.I.Y. , recorded at Dith Studio, 11 songs for the total of around 19 minutes (may be even less..).
Since that moment, the four musicians started playing through Tuscany and more and more beyond the borders of the region.

In 2009 begins the collaboration with the Ufo Hi Fi label producer Danilo Silvestri in Rome, to record their second Album " Chair Evolution ( not design)", out in the early 2010: 15 tracks between punk and power-pop styles, with the lovely help of Tornado Ride Records for the distribution and sell.
In 2012 White Pagoda crew get new pre-production sessions started, under the supervision of Paolo Dondoli, for the successive recording at Damiano Magliozzi's Gorilla Punch Studio, Siena, on February 2013.

In March 2014 they co-released this single along with the Spectre Records, giving its distribution to Area Pirata Records and RocketMan Records. It's a nice taste of their forthcoming album!

Punk Rock? Yes, but not only that!
There's much other and, for sure, many other influences on their sound..and if "punk rock" would be only an excuse to give a different "dress" to pop songs?

The artwork is made by Guitar Boy, designer from Rome and noisy guitarist of the garage band of The Intellectuals

Kartoons - World Gone Down CD
April 2014

Exclusive distribution!!

The Kartoons from Italy hit the scene with their 4 th album in 20 years!
World gone down is a grieving scream of anger from the land where the band comes from. Echoes of punk rock and powerpop... it has it all done stronger. It's a work bleeding napalm from the lyrics... in order to awake sleeping minds, cos world's gone down! 14 tracks: 12 originals, a reprise of I was dreaming of the never forgotten Blind Alley, and the proto punk of Needles in the camel's eye by Brian Eno will blast your hungry ears for rock'n'roll itself!

I Mitomani Beat - Fuori dal Tempo CD digipack
March 2014

I Mitomani Beat started in Rome in spring 2010 influnenced by classic Italian Beat bands from the 60's. Now here's their debut album coreleased with the greek label, Green Cookies, where they bring us 8 delicious original songs and 3 excellent covers!!

No Strange - Armonia Vivente 2Cd digipack
March 2014

The new opera recorded is called Armonia Vivente and it is concepted like a natural sequel of the previous Cristalli Sognanti; the sound since the first impact don't deserve the expectations: the world described by No Strange is always liquid, cosmic, lysergic; the 16 tracks (two of them recorded on a live conceit) are a trip out of time, which is referred to the big indo-european tradition and the avant-garde and experimental, connected to the most acid folk and popular melodies. ARMONIA VIVENTE is this and more... On the cd edition are added 4 bonus track extracted by the early No Strange period ('83-'84) out on that time only in demo-tape version!

Killer Penis - King Of Slaps Cd
February 2014

KILLER PENIS was born as a "TURBOJUGEND" band-style project in winter of 2011, created by Marvin (vocals) and GG (rhythm guitar).
After several attempts and several lineup changes, they finally got Lorenzo on lead guitar, Cristiano on the drums and Ermy (ex-Blood '77) on the bass.
They played an explosive mixture of '77 style Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Hard Rock and Scandinavian Rock'n'Roll, due to the different musical taste of the members.
In early July they start their live activity, in a short time Killer Penis stood out in some festivals gigs (Le Pinete Rock n Roll fest, Twist Off V, Rolling Hills Festival and Tears Valley Rumble) and in most famous clubs around north-central Italy. In October 2011, they recorded their first album HELL IS MY PLACE (Revenge Events Record/Lamette Records), released then in May 2012.
In July 2012 Cristiano left the band so Killer Penis changed again their line up, Ermy left the bass strings to turn to the skins of the drums and his place was taken by David!
After a few shows, Ermy unfortunately left the band for personal reasons and Puccio took his place!

In September 2013 they recorded their second album "KINGS OF SLAPS" that will be released in February 2014! 

2) GET IN VEINS 2:19
10) KING OF SLAP 2:18
11) STRAY DOG 2:29

I Barbieri / I Fenomeni - Battle of the Bands 7"Ep
February 2014

Another gem is now available to the public: finally two of the greatest contemporary Italian Beat bands are captured on the same vinyl! A warning for any cool DJ around: each band comes with two dance-floor killers!!

On the 'Barbieri' side, you can listen to 'Fuoriclasse', a Garage stomp classic originally recorded by The Sonics as 'the Hustler' (1965), which is here sung in Italian and more powerfully than ever. The second track is 'Ritornerai', a cover version of 'She Told Me Lies' (1984) by Chesterfield Kings sung in Italian and performed with a refreshing energy: you'll love it!

If you still happen to survive this side, turn your record and play the 'Fenomeni' side.
The firs track, 'Una Donna Vera', is the Italian version of a classic garage-psych gem 'Action Woman' (1967) by Mineapolis-based cult band The Litter. As a last song of the EP, 'Acqua Sporca' is a fantastic rendition of a classic of The Standells 'Dirty Water' (1966).

Last but not least, this 7" EP comes in a limited edition of only 333 copies (100 on blue vinyl)!! So hurry up if you don't want to miss it!!

Capt Crunch & the Bunch - Capt Crunch & the Bunch 7"
February 2014

Here's the debut for this new combo made from people we already well know! Capt Crunch and the Bunch is made then from Andrea 'Vipera' Salani (legendary drummer for CCM, I Refuse It, Fase Quattro), Frank Crunch (former vocalist for Fase Quattro and La Cattiva Esperienza), Emiliano "Er Biacco" Marianelli (lead guitar, ex-Toni Crimine and still The Bugz), bassist Francesco Falorni (still The Bugz and Reverberati) and finally Frankie Bo (rhythm guitar).

The band follow his Captain and his burning passion for 60's Beat influenced by primitive R&B. Their music is an explosive mix of working class rock'n'roll and fun-loving R&B.

Rolling Stones meet Dr. Feelgood and Capt. Beefheart too, not forgetting the lesson of Italian 60's artists like Mr. Anima (aka Ghigo Agosti) or Rubi Strubi!!

Last but not least, this 7" EP comes in a limited edition of only 333 copies (100 on purple vinyl)!! So hurry up if you don't want to miss it!!

Drifting Mines - Comeback Cd
January 2014


Drifting Mines are a young roman rock 'n' roll trio thought and led by singer and guitarist Adalberto "Hell Rey" Correale. The three trace the roots of rock and roll starting from the primitive Delta blues, to plunge into a dark and powerful sound. The Drifting Mines feed on voodoo and the occult, rock 'n' roll, boogie woogie, honky tonk and mariachi music, all seasoned with a rockabilly soul able to wake the dead. On stage, the trio (which sometimes comes to five elements), ignites the audience with a raw and wild sound where african drums, flutes, sitar and kalimba create the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Every Drifting Mines show is like a voodoo ceremony where people dance and listen to the rhythm of the music up to a state of trance. their concerts are pure mesmerism.
In 2012 they release their debut album that’s a live recording in studio made in 6hrs, a record brings you into deep Garage-Blues as well as R'n'R/Rockabilly, keeping in mind Punk Rock attitude. Now the band got their new album will be out in 2014, but in the meantime they decide to give us a taste of their crazy and hot R’n’R through a digital single. All we can do is listening to those songs, waiting for their new release!!

1. Spitfire Boogie
2. The Gunfighters' Comeback
3. Garden Of Evil
4. The Conjuration
5. Oh Yeah Dancer!
6. Like A Driftin' Mine
7. Cottonfield Blues
8. Water Or Gasoline
9. Adoradores Del Dios Serpiente
10. Mirage

Marco Di Maggio - The Sensational Guitar Sound of Marco Di Maggio VoL.1 2CD digi
December 2013



With his brand new Instrumental double cd!!!

"The Sensational Guitar Sound of MARCO DI MAGGIO - Vol. 1"

Marco Di Maggio has been recognized by the international press as one of top world's R'n'R guitarist.
His brilliant musical background covers many styles, ranging from Rockabilly, Power Surf, R'n'R, Neo Swing, Country and Blues.
  He performed in more than 20 countries all over the globe, from Usa to China, appearing at top meetings as:
MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 (CH) , VIVA LAS VEGAS 2000, 2001 (USA), GRAND OLE OPRY 2001 (USA), THE OLIMPIC GAMES IN TURIN - ITALY 2006 , JACKSON R'N'R FEST 2000 (USA), GREEN BAY '50's FEST 2002 (USA), THE ROCKABILLY RAVE '98, 2001 (UK), THE EDDIE COCHRAN WEEKEND '99, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 ( UK ), MUNCHEN R'N'R FEST 2002 (D), THE SUMMER JAMBOREE 2002, 2006 ( ITALY ) and many more.
  Marco collected important collaborations with many r'n'r legends such as: JOHNNY FARINA (SANTO & JOHNNY) , SLIM JIM PHANTOM (STRAYCATS) , TERRY WILLIAMS ( DIRE STRAITS ), D.J. FONTANA ( ELVIS' DRUMMER ), LINDA GAIL LEWIS ( JERRY LEE SISTER ), ROBERT GORDON , BILLY LEE RILEY , THE GENE VINCENT BLUE CAPS , also appearing on the same bill as SCOTTY MOORE, LITTLE RICHARD, THE COMETS just to name a few from a list of over 50 artists.

  Terry Williams, the Dire Straits drummer, said about him: "I played with the greatests, B.B. KING, ERIC CLAPTON, MARK KNOPFLER, ALBERT LEE and i can say that Marco Di Maggio is one of them"
  He released 10 cd's, 1 teaching video, 1 videoclip, appearing in more than 35 international compilations.
  His distinctive and innovative playing permitted him to perform in front of all kind of audiences and to be appreciated from Rockers, Heavy Metal fans, Jazz musicians and also alternative Rock listeners. He writes his own music with personality, mixing up an explosive cocktail of different influences.

With this double album, he shows his dexterity, versatility and maturity in music, where his extraordinaire technique and music taste are now at top world's level.
20 tracks, 5 of them with vocal parts and the rest completely instrumental, where Marco plays all the instruments: Guitars, Double Bass, Bass, Guitarron, Drums, Vocals, just assisted on a couple of tracks by the Sax player Chris Pacini and Vibraphonist Franky Palermo...
Several original numbers penned by Marco and some guitar standards as Tiger Rag, San Antonio Rose and Lover...Rockabilly, Western Swing, Fingerpicking, Surf, Country, Jazz and more...a various album where Marco's Gretsch is the main theme, one hour of pure, genuine Rockin' & Swingin' highlights


DISC 1 •  SAN ANTONIO ROSE  (B. Wills) - Inst. •  EGNO (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  LOVER (Rodgers - Hart) - Inst. •  POLKA DOTS & MOONBEAMS (Burke - Van Heusen) - Inst. •  TIGER RAG (N. La Rocca) - Inst. •  I LOVE YOU BECAUSE  (L. Payne) - Inst. •  PINK THUNDERBIRD (Peek - Davis) •  LULA'S MEMORIES (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  TA DAH (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  TONITE WILL BE THE LAST NITE (Scott)
DISC 2 •  CHEROKEE (R. Noble) - Inst. •  SURFANDANGO (Di Maggio - Chisci) - Inst. •  ALL BY MYSELF (D. Bartholomew) •  SILVER MOON (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  TOKYO AFFAIR (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  Mr. SANDMAN (P. Ballard) - Inst. •  SUPERPICKING POLKA (M. Di Maggio) - Inst. •  FOREVER (Di Maggio - Moreno) •  BRUNO (Marco & Massimo Di Maggio) - Inst. •  R'N'R' BLUES (Langhorn, Gordon) - Inst.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Di Maggio at Marco Di Maggio Studio, Florence, Italy, during year 2012, except a few tracks previously recorded...
Marco recorded the entire album by himself, playing all the instruments:
Guitars, Bass, Double Bass, Guitarron, Drums, Vocals
Chris Pacini plays Tenor Sax on track n° 2 disc two
Franky Palermo plays Vibraphone on track n° 5 disc two

Cover art by: Irene Fabrizio
Final Optimization by Armando Autieri
Photos by Irene Fabrizio

I met Marco a few years ago when I was playing on Broadway in Nashville. We were all amazed at his command of not only the guitar, but of American roots music in general. You could easily see how much he loved the music he was playing.
Man! What a great guitar player!!
We all wish he would come back and visit us really soon. You must have his new album, if only to hear San Antonio Rose. He puts more in this one track than other guitarists put in an entire CD!!
Dave Roe (Bassist for: Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Dwight Yoakam, Jerry Reed and many more....)

The Bidons - Back to the Roost CD
December 2013

Namely a pretty new beginning though the "mission" keeps the same: bringing the "garage" to the masses entrusted by such deities as The Sonics, The Seeds, Love, Dirtbombs and Fuzztones (with whom they had the honour to share the stage last year), with a decidedly personal mark!!

The Sick Rose - Blastin' Out... plus 2CD
November 2013

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Sick Rose, Italian best and most important garage band ever, Area Pirata is proud to announce the release of the double CD-set "Blastin' Out... plus".
CD one contains "Blastin' Out", the first album that the legendary band released in 2006, fourteen years after their previous LP "Renaissance", while CD two includes the "Best of" Sick Rose since their very beginning to 1992

Steve & the Jerks and Anteenagers M.C. - Campo-logy Cd
September 2013


Underground cult artist Fred Campo's old Rock'n'Roll circus act finally makes it to compact disc. Made in the Noughties of various punk and garage related noises, their songs will not remind you of Johnny Hallyday which is unusual for a French group. Campo and two other members of the gang made a bigger impact on the Music Business with their post-punk tagged band Frustration.
But we at Fish Lips Records believe that Anteenagers MC, and Steve & The Jerks (the band that kicked off Campo's still unheard legend), deserved to be heard as well. So we did the job for you to enjoy.
Viva la Rock'N'Roll!


It all started in September 1994 and a collective urge to make some noise in a Saints/Headcoats sort of way. This was Steve & The Jerks, and they were three: Manu B., Laurent B. and Christian G.. About a year later, Junior Campo took the bass player's seat (it's just a figure of speech, he doesn't actually sit down while playing, nor did his predecessor). Everyone's life was changed forever. Campo was, and still is, considered a God of Rock in some countries (it's still not clear which ones though). 2000 saw the arrival of Nicus a.k.a Nikus on second guitar, and after one final show as Steve & The Jerks, they changed everything but themselves, becoming Anteenagers M.C.

Campo was now a legend on 77% of the known planets of the Universe (all unfit for life). AMC made a demi-album, an US tour (237 people came see them in five cities, Campo becoming a star in twelve ghost towns in the meantime). July 2010 (a Saturday night if I remember well), they did one last show then took a long break. As soon as Campo is done with his current project (bringing peace to the World according to an unconfirmed rumor), AMC may add a thing or two to this story. To be continued or not.

Navin R. Johnson (spiritual guidance and physical coaching) June 2013

1. MAO VS THE SPARROWS 2. LIES (is a four letter word) 3. LES CONFORMISTES 4.CARS

The Backwards - Eerie Thoughts Collection pt. 3 - Cd
July 2013

Long-awaited reissue of the only Lp (1990) made by this great Italian psych band, plus an amazing selection of their best tracks remastered and originally released on their demo cassettes between 1989 to 1993 and now ready to BLOW UP YOUR MIND!!!

italiano english
Candice Cooper Scarpe Casual Retro Candice Cooper Schuhe Casual Retro Candice Cooper Uomo Casual Retro Candice Schuhe Casual Retro Cooper Schuhe Casual Retro