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LINKS Distribution



Sonic Rendez Vous

Sugar & Spice Mail Order



The Sick Rose

Not Moving:
Great Punk/R'n'R/Blues band from the 80s

No Strange

The Kaams

The Morlocks:
Since 1984 one of the wildest Garage band!

The Liars:
since 1985 garage punk, power pop and psychedelia! From Pisa!

Four By Art:
Garage, Psychedelic and R&B!
One of the 1st italian MOD band from the 80s!

Marco Di Maggio -
R'n'R Hero

Fall Out -
Contact, live concert, News e MP3 of everything!!

LINKS Label-Distro-Zine & more

Area Pirata Rec on InYourEyes 'zine

Roberto Calabrò

Blog of the Italian MOD Godfather

Boos Hoss Records
Record Label

Il Blog del Nooty

Strychnine Radio
for Desperate Rock'n'Rollers

Italian HC/Punk from the 80s & more!

Sonar Live Music Club in Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena)

Italian HC-Punk
from the 80s

R'n'R Magazine

NDA Press

Fanzine/magazine underground '70-'80

Imperdibile Blog da quel di

italiano english
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