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Dome La Muerte & the Diggers - S/t - Cd digipack

Dome La Muerte & the Diggers - S/t Cd digipack
(After the appetizer (7" Sorry, I'm a Digger), here is it the combo of Dome La Muerte & Co. ready to let us run wild for the length of the whole ALBUM!!!
A New band led by Dome La Muerte, formally of Not Moving and CCM, with a high energy mix of Dead Boys, Heartbreakers, Who & Sweet!!
Special Guest Rudy Protrudi (the Fuzztones)!!)
Area Pirata 10.00

DOME LA MUERTE AND THE DIGGERS is a superband whose leader is Dome la Muerte, founding member of the legendary band CCM (produced by Jello Biafra), guitarist of Not Moving and leader of Hush; now with the Diggers he's not having his "return" on the scene, because he never really disappeared. He kept following his line through the years, working with several artists, writing music for theatre shows and soundtracks for movies like "Nirvana" from Gabriele Salvatores.

Besides Dome, in the Diggers also play and sweat Emiliano (former drummer in Liars, the Performance and Not Right), Lady Casanova at the bass guitar (former Not Right) and Matteo "Basetta", founder of Thunder Rod Company and, together with Emiliano, still playing with Mirteto Hillybilly Barbecue.
The word "Diggers" reveals an inner meaning which must be explained, yes because the Diggers were part of a political movement which arouse at the end of the 19th century and that, in the sixties, was re-enacted through the fight to the system with goliardic methods, against bourgeoisie and the moralism of the American society in that period...

Now, following the introduction of the roots of this band, you are ready to listen to the album....
In this wok we find some pure "rock'n roll", born to be History, a musical r-evolution of what is classically crossover. This is a sophisitcated record, full of melodies and guitar vituosisms, as well as psychedelic dilatations, a creative and hot work which comes from the roots of rock and that asks for revenge. Guests are Maria Severine, who plays the piano in "Get Ready", Mikefuocos which empowers the rythm of "You shine on me", and the fuzz icon Rudi Protrudi (met several time on stage) which gives preciousness with his armonics to "Blue Stranger Dancer", singing in "Heart Full of SOul" and playing some parts in "Sorry, I'm a Digger", the band's anthem.

Each track follows the previous linking together garagepunk, psychedelia and rock'n roll, with aggressive chords and mild riffs, through a strong message, and you will understand what I mean when the last track "Cold Turkey" will end and the first thing you'll do will be pressing "play" again. And if after listening to this record you'll also become potential diggers, remember to apologize with your mother!

1> Get Ready
2> Blue Stranger Dancer
3> Demons
4> Sorry, i’m a Digger
5> “Bad Trip” Blues
6> Fire Of Love
7> Heart Full Of Soul
8> You Shine On Me
9> Gimme Some
10> Cold Turkey

“SORRY, I’M A DIGGER” - 7” - 2007 (Area Pirata)
“Wild Sound From The Past Dimension” - AA.VV. - 2007 (Go Down Records)

Goran Obradovic - Popism 12/07

Not only displaying the spooky band name and artwork, complete with the Fuzzy logo, all within the overall horror-ish concept, but another thing you might be familiar with here, is the name of at least one of the "guest musicians", which is Rudi Protrudi, providing occasional harmonica wails, some background and even lead vocals as well. All considered, The Fuzztones comparision is inevitable, and happens to be pretty audiable as well, and to my own regret, with the '70s punk ingredient being the prevailing one. Still, there are elements of the more appropriate Gravedigger series as well, as heard throughout the punked up garage r'n'b sounding "Blue stranger dancer", "Demons" and "Bad trip blues", or the signature helter-skelter of a late'60-Who-meets-the-'Pistols tune "Sorry, I'm a Digger". Other evidences of the band's cool source of inspirations, are the just as punked up renditions of The Yardbirds' "Heart full of soul", Lennon's "Cold turkey" and Gun Club's "Fire of love" . With the line up made of seasoned Italian punk scenesters, this is a competent debut album, as much as it is a sort of a come back of ex-members of CCM, Liars, Not Right and Thunder Road Company.

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