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The Astrophonix - Supended Time - Cd

The Astrophonix - Supended Time Cd
(Finally out! The amazing 2nd album from a 3-piece band who deliver us a lot of original R'n'R/Rockabilly/Surf material plus a rockin' well performed cover of Sweet Dream by the Eurythimcs!!)
Area Pirata 10.00

Astrophonic's second release confirms that this trio is full active in the R'n'R/Rockabilly scene!!
After many live shows and collaborations all around the world as, for example, the 2005 tour with the Meteors and the support received by Bob Timmers, the president of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, they decided to record this album!
Also in this case, the distinctive traits of the work are personality, great technical skills and versatility. So, they space from Rockabilly to R'n'R and then Surf, passing through Power Pop/Punk territories too!
Well, an alluring design and ten engaging songs that will stick you to your cd player!

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