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Gransoda - Gransoda - CD

Gransoda - Gransoda CD
(GranSoda formed in October 2021 in Tearsvalley (a remote countryside inside Tuscany) !
An out-of-shape trio, no longer so young, but still punk and kicking!
Why start a punk band today - they ask themselves... - Because after 40, boredom is as hard as concrete.
This first mini album is the result of sweaty evenings in the rehearsal room as it used to be, same attitude!
Misfits, Social Distortion, Cloak Dagger... that's what they listen to in the car and that's what they put in...
None of them are first-timers and to the attitude they add experience. They’re former members of Golden Shower, Chambers, Nowise...
You know what to expect from this CD, use with caution!)
DIY 10.00

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