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Złodzieje Rowerów - Ten Moment - LP

Złodzieje Rowerów - Ten Moment LP
(Vinyl reissue of ZXRX's 2002 album. 'This Moment' is a twelve-track album of the band's characteristic emotional and intense hardcore with lyrics that were a perfect commentary on reality and still are, for they have lost none of their relevance. The authenticity and sincerity that accompanied the band up to their last concert in 2010 rings out from this album. The song 'Punk rock song' features a guest appearance by Matoł (Apatia). The material was again remastered by Dragon (Studio As One). The album was released in 2014 in a limited edition of 500 copies and further pressings are not planned for the time being)
Refuse Rec 13.00

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