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The Purple Merkins - Merkinmania! - CD

The Purple Merkins - Merkinmania! CD
(CD Compilation printed in 2005.
Tracklist: 1 Purple Merkin Power 2 Get On This Plane 3 Ain't It Hard 4 Cock-A-Hoop 5 Just A Man 6 She's Coming Home 7 Ain't Got Enough 8 The Wind Blows Your Hair 9 My Flash On You 10 Shriek Of The Mutilated 11 Merkin Surfin' 12 Baby's Got Kinks 13 White Lies 14 She's So Satisfyin' 15 Sticks & Stones 16 Pretty Big Mouth 17 You Burn Me Up & Down 18 Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy 19 Dark Side)
Dionysus Records 10.00

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