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I Mitomani Beat - Ciononostante - CD-R digipack

I Mitomani Beat - Ciononostante CD-R digipack
(Third album of the band, whose title (that means ‘nevertheless’) reflects the difficulties of the period in which it saw the light of day and therefore had a rather troubled birth.
Recorded by ourselves and skilfully mixed by Carmelo Avanzato, it features some exceptional guests such as Michele Baraghini, the boss at 'Mondo Fuzz', Nicola Bagnoli and Moreno Spirogi from the Avvoltoi, in the song dedicated to their group, Letizia Lèti, singer of Lisa Beat and the Bugiardi, who sang our version in Italian of 'Rescue me' by Fontella Bass and Alfredo 'El Bachatero', the singer of the two worlds.

Strictly limited edition to 130 copies!)
DIY 10.00

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