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Dick Dale - King Of The Surf Guitar - LP

Dick Dale - King Of The Surf Guitar LP
(Great comp issued in 2012!
Here's the tracklist: Tracklist A1 Miserlou 2:15 A2 King Of The Surf Guitar 2:06 A3 Let's Go Trippin' 2:12 A4 Surf Beat 3:01 A5 Shake N' Stomp 2:12 A6 Riders In The Sky 2:19 A7 Hava Nagila 2:07 B1 The Wedge 2:01 B2 Tidal Wave 2:02 B3 Mr. Peppermint Man 2:24 B4 Surfing Drums 4:53 B5 Jungle Fever 2:16 B6 A Run For Life 2:10 B7 Surfin' Rebel 2:02)
RockBeat Records 21.00

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