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Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub - LP

Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub LP
(Blackboard Jungle Dub is a reissue, with a different tracklisting, of the 1973 album under its original title, Upsetters 14 Dub Black Board Jungle!
Tracklisting: Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 1) Rubba, Rubba Words Cloak A Dagger (Ver. 3) Dub From Africa Dreamland Dub Pop Goes The Dread Dub Fever Grass Dub Sin Semilla Kaya Dub Moving Forward Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver. 2) Kasha Macka Dub Setta Iration Dub)
Clocktower Records 18.00

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