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AA VV - Las Vegas Grind VoL.1 - LP

AA VV - Las Vegas Grind VoL.1 LP
(Wacked, honkngrind sax/guitar/grunt-laden buttshake tunes from the 50s & early 60s. exotic deluxe GATEFOLD edition - REMASTERED!!!! Stone-cold CLASSIC 1987 nutso comp and pretty much the birth of the entire retro-burlesque movement.
TRACKLISTING: 01. James "red" Holloway "ala Carte" 02. The Jesters "peter Gunn Twist" 03. Bob Taylor "(flyin' High) After Hours" 04. The Phantom "the Last Ride" 05. Ken Williams "(my Very Own) Trash Can" 06. Buddy Miller "teen Twist" 07. The Crescendos "count Down" 08. Noble Watts "florida Shake" 09. Johhny "rockhouse" Green "the King" 10. Tic & Toc "jibba Jab" 11. Joe Dodo & The Groovers "groovy" 12. The Youngsters "zebra" 13. The Dyna-sores "jungle Walk" 14. The Casual-aires "(what's The Word) Thunderbird" 15. The Genteels "take It Off" 16. Georgie Young & The Rockin' Bocs "the Sneak")
Crypt 17.00

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