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Chow - Ancient Gentle Tower - LP

Chow - Ancient Gentle Tower LP
(Chow rose from the ashes of The Tunas and a rib of The Classmates in Bologna, winter 2013, when Riccardo Frabetti and Davide Montevecchi -playing together since 2001- started practicing along with their old friend Stefano Zuccato.
They soon started gigging and, lazily, self produced a cassette and a seven-inch EP. Influences are and have always been Padan fog, old psych records, Pantagruelian dinners at home, flannel shirts and Dantesque circles of hell.
Now, for SLACK! records' sake, they are going to put their first long player out: it's called "Ancient Gentle Tower", and it's their own moronic trip through haze and its perils, but its pleasures also. Have yourself a fine journey with'em!)
Bare Bones - Fernando Dischi - Fooltribe - Savio Records - Starvation 15.00

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