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The Beaters Band - Vol Due - CD

The Beaters Band - Vol Due CD
(The Beatersband was formed in September 2018.
The band members are: Donatella Guida - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Leonardo Serrini - Bass, and Alessandro Lupo - Percussion.
The band has as its goal the modernization of vocal music of the 50's and 60's. They do this by giving the songs new life with a Punk Rock sound while maintaining their classic soul.
In April 2019, their first album "Vol. Uno" (Vol. 1) was released. In October of the same year, an EP of 4 songs was released as "Black Christmas" and in January 2020 a vinyl 7 inch 45 record was released entitled "Love Songs".
Between August and September of 2020 the band will be releasing "Vol. Due" (Vol. 2) another collection of songs with that vintage flavor)
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