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Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood - LP

Johnny Thunders - In Cold Blood LP
(A remastered version of this collection of early '80s recordings from Johnny Thunders, plus bonus tracks from the same period. Limited edition of 600 copies on coloured vinyl with an insert featuring liner notes. SIDE 1: 1. Who Do Voodoo 2. In Cold Blood 3. Just Another Girl 4. Green Onions 5. Endless Party 6. Diary Of A Lover 7. Look In My Eyes SIDE 2: (RARE ACOUSTIC SESSION) 1. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory 2. She's So Untouchable 3. Ask Me No Questions 4. Hurt Me 5. Sad Vacation/It's Not Enough 6. Some Hearts 7. Subway Train/I'm A Boy Im A Girl 8. Give Me More)
Easy Action 17.00

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