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Can - The Singles - 3LP

Can - The Singles 3LP
(The idea of a singles collection by the krautrock titans Can will look like a pointless exercise to most of their fans, wholl know their best tracks were lengthy beasts deriving from extended jam sessions.
Here's the tracklist: A1 Soul Desert A2 She Brings The Rain A3 Spoon A4 Shikako Maru Ten B1 Turtles Have Short Legs B2 Halleluwah (Edit) B3 Vitamin C B4 I'm So Green C1 Mushroom C2 Moonshake C3 Future Days (Edit) C4 Dizzy Dizzy (Edit) D1 Splash (Edit) D2 Hunters And Collectors (Edit) D3 Vernal Equinox (Edit) D4 I Want More E1 ...And More E2 Silent Night E3 Cascade Waltz F1 Don't Say No (Edit) F2 Return F3 Can Can F4 Hoolah Hoolah (Edit)
Spoon 28.00

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