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Angelic Upstarts - Independent Punk Singles 1977-1985 - DLP

Angelic Upstarts - Independent Punk Singles 1977-1985 DLP
(23 tracks spanning the Upstarts' early singles for independent labels, from the groundbreaking 'The Murder Of Liddle Towers' released in 1978 to the controversial 'Brighton Bomb' from 1985. Along with UK chart hits 'Solidarity', 'Not Just A Name', 'Machine Gun Kelly', 'Woman In Disguise' and many others, Angelic Upstarts are one of the most iconic bands of the whole skinhead subculture. The group formed in South Shields in 1977 and are still active to this day. This double vinyl LP celebrates their more belligerent days along with their mid-'80s productions, whose approach is more mature and politically challenged. A brilliant and long running UK punk group, this compilation is by far their finest music and a perfect starting point for getting into the Angelic Upstarts. Crucial. SIDE 1: 1. The Murder Of Liddle Towers 2. Police Oppression 3. Woman In Disguise 4. Lust For Glory 5. 42nd Street 6. Solidarity SIDE 2: 1. Five Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest 2. Dollars And Pounds 3. Don't Stop 4. Not Just A Name 5. The Leech SIDE 3: 1. Leave Me Alone (Live) 2. Liddle Towers (Live) 3. White Riot (Live) 4. Machine Gun Kelly 5. Paint It In Red 6. There's A Drink In It SIDE 4: 1. Brighton Bomb 2. Thin Red Line 3. Soldier 4. England (Live) 5. We're Gonna Take The World (Live) 6. The Young Ones (Live)
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