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Vice Squad - Riot City Years - LP

Vice Squad - Riot City Years LP
(Bristol's Vice Squad was one of the very first female fronted bands to play a relevant role in the early '80s punk scene. This LP collects Vice Squad's singles for Riot City, plus BBC session material and demo cuts. Also present is the classic single by Sex Aids, faturing members of Vice Squad (without singer Beki Bondage) and Chaotic Dischord. TRACKS: 01. Nothing 02. Last Rockers 03. Living On Dreams 04. Latex Love 05. Resurrection 06. Young Blood 07. Humane 08. Coward 09. It's A Sell Out 10. Out Of Reach 11. Sterile 12. (So) What For The '8Os 13. Back On The Piss Again 14. The Amazing Mr. Michael Hogarth l5. Road Crew)
Radiation 15.00

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