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Disorder - The Singles Collection - LP

Disorder - The Singles Collection LP
(Formed in Bristol in 1980, Disorder is one of the few "big" names of the UK's '80s hardcore scene still going strong today. Originally released in 1985 on the Disorder label, 'The Singles Collection' compiles their first and most angry recordings. It comprises three 7-inch EP's (the legendary 'Complete Disorder', 'Distortion To Deafness' and the 'Mental Disorder' EP), along with their 8-track 12-inch EP 'Perdition' - recordings which John Peel allegedly referred to as sounding like "shit" (possibly a compliment) - this LP of long out of print recordings would be a welcome addition to any punk collector's shelves. Another essential piece of the UK punk puzzle!)
Radiation 15.00

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