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James Brown - Tell Me What You Re Gonna Do - LP

James Brown - Tell Me What You Re Gonna Do LP
(The 4th James Brown LP, originally released in 1961, is one of the harder titles in his early discography to find. Though it doesn't contain any of his massive, instantly recognizable hits, it's regarded among collectors as one of the finest pure R&B albums of its era. And it includes some of his best charting singles such as 'Just You And Me Darling', and 'Lost Someone'. Beg, scream and shout along with the "Hardest Working Man In Show Business", "The Godfather Of Soul" himself: Mr. JAMES BROWN! SIDE 1: 1. Just You And Me Darling 2. I Love You, Yes I Do 3. I Don't Mind 4. Come Over Here 5. The Bells 6. Love Don't Love Nobody SIDE 2: 1. Dancin' Little Thing 2. Lost Someone 3. And I Do Just What I Want 4. So Long 5. You Don't Have To Go 6. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do)
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