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Rats - C'est Disco - LP + CD

Rats - C'est Disco LP + CD
(One of the most sought after record of the Italian wave, 'C'est Disco' was the first proper release of the band Rats, coming all the way from the Pianura Padana. The band was managed by famous Italian showman and anchorman Red Ronnie, a key figure in the early eighties post-punk and avant-garde movement. This record shows a rare craftsmanship for a band mostly informed by the revolutionary British punk movement and the more outrageous synth-wave. Originally released in 1981 on Nice Label/Italian Records label in a small run, the record suffered from very small distribution. In any case - thanks to the help of the influential DJ/producer John Peel with his show on the BBC - the record quickly sold out in foreign markets such as the UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This amazing reissue on Spittle has a bonus track on the enclosed CD version, 'Tattoo', which originally appeared on the compilation Nice Tracks (Nice/Italian 1983)
Spittle 16.00

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