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The Smoking Bones - Down To The High - 7"

The Smoking Bones - Down To The High 7"
(Two years after their last studio work, The Smoking Bones release "Down to the High", first song out since the new frontman's inclusion in 2019.
"Down to the High" is a 7" vinyl single distributed by the Area Pirata label and also available in digital format on all online stores. On A side there's the song that gives the title to the new release. On B side we find "Burning Love", an Elvis cover, reinterpreted by the guys with more garage sounds and more thrusts. With "Down to the High" the band pushes on territories so far unusual compared to previous works, mixing Hard Blues vocal melodies and '70 Rock 'n' Roll with round and powerful sounds.
"Down to the High" is a play on words that alludes to the moment between the fall and getting back on your feet, the flat calm that precedes the adrenaline, where you give meaning to that fall, you find a way to go back but, above all, the inspiration for a new story to tell)
Area Pirata 6.00

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