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AA VV - Cosmic Discotheque - 12 JUNKSHOP DISCO FUNK GEMS FROM THE 70s - LP

AA VV - Cosmic Discotheque - 12 JUNKSHOP DISCO FUNK GEMS FROM THE 70s LP
('70s disco music wasn't just Abba or the Studio 54. Just like punk or glam rock were doing at the same time, the "disco" phenomenon generated a plethora of obscure and bizarre studio projects which remained in the unknown, despite being often more inspired and creative than the few ones that reached stardom and sold millions of copies. 45 rpm singles that remained unsold, sitting in junkshops all over the world for decades, hide forgotten gems, revealing genius and avant-garde only guilty of not being at the right place at the right time. Being it Moroder-oriented proto synth-wave, groovy space-disco or acid Afro funk, the volume 1 of the 'Cosmic Discotheque' series is all about rediscovering those forgotten treasures while setting your dancefloor on fire. Limited edition of 500 copies. SIDE 1: 1. The Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea (1973) 2. Life - Cats Eyes (1973) 3. Alan Bown - Moanin (1975) 4. Red Parish Group - Dynomite (1975) 5. Andr Brasseur - Saturnus (1974) 6. Black Buster - Bump The Bump (Part II) (1975) SIDE 2: 1. Bil Tze - Wu Ying Chiao (1976) 2. The People Next Door - Husband And Wife (1974) 3. Diabolic Man - Diabolic Man (1974) 4. Performance - Red Bullet (1975) 5. Dance Machine - Virgin Ballet (1978) 6. Pharaoh - Ramses (Part I) (1975)
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