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Deviants - Disposable - LP

Deviants - Disposable LP
(Reissued on CLEAR VINYL is the second full-length by the cult band that, back in the day, served as England's chaotic answer to US groups s.a. The Stooges and MC5. Originally issued in 1968 and a total assault on mainstream culture, 'Disposable' was the follow-up to The Deviants' well-received debut-LP 'Ptoof'. SIDE 1: 1. Somewhere To Go 2. Sparrows And Wires 3. Jamie's Song 4. You've Got To Hold On 5. Fire In The City 6. Let's Loot The Supermarket SIDE 2: 1. Pappa Oo Mao Mao 2. Slum Lord 3. Blind Joe McTurks Last Session 4. Normality Jam 5. Guaranteed to Bleed 6. Sidney B Goode 7. Last Man)
Tiger Bay 24.00

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