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Los Telepatas - Vs. El Mundo - CD digipack

Los Telepatas - Vs. El Mundo CD digipack
(The Telepatas vs. the World might be interpreted as a warning of apocalypse or war or as a polemic for confrontation and destruction, but in contrast and true to old habits, it is neither more nor less than an reaffirmation of the band's impudent lineage - arrogant, idiosyncratic and unusual, very much on the cutting edge. Nearly two decades after its disco debut, you have a new Telepatas classic. A torrent of instant hits, pure Garage deliriously encoded with wild Punk and rare acid Pop and even Zombie. All of this with typical outrageous lyrics, astute and daring in a style that only these geniuses know how to achieve)
Rastrillo Records 10.00

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