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The Itch - 20 Year Itch (1992 - 2012) - DCD

The Itch - 20 Year Itch (1992 - 2012) DCD
(Detour records are proud to announce their latest release on the 'paisley archive' label.... Hailing from accrington, lancashire 'the itch' shouldn't need any introduction as they have been around since 1992. We first became aware of the band when we received a phone call out of the blue from sham 69's front man jimmy pursey. At the time, he was working with the band and was trying to obtain a record deal for them. He described the band as up-tempo with a tamla motown beat going on....To cut a long story short, we signed the band up and released their debut single 'wigan to brighton' in september 1995. Two years later we then released the bands debut 'avenue parade' album in june 1997. The cd version of this album sold out within months of being released. In hindsight, we should of pressed more cds than the vinyl version as the vinyl version is still available. Since then, the band have been constantly gigging and self funding their own releases and selling them at gigs to eager fans. This much needed release rounds up everything the band have recorded to date and even includes the early jimmy pursey demo along with unreleased recordings. In the past, the band have worked with ian page of secret affair, chris pope of the chords, phil hendriks of the stiffs.
Tracks - disc one ....Ever get the feeling you've been cheated / kickstart / feeling alright / different faces / upside down / pictures of my mind / kiss you / saturdays kids / dreams of yesterday / mr postman / ordinary day / i couldn't sleep a wink all night / wigan to brighton / can i get a witness / mr lies / gimme the truth / time for action / wigan to brighton (jimmy pursey mix) / upper class games / rockin' chair / running bear. Disc two - superficial girl / happy and free / uncertain / boy in the corner / plain in summer / get up, get down / key to life / not my friend / don't blame me / never listen / eyes across the room / beginners luck)
Paisley Archive 15.00

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