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Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB - CD + DVD

Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB CD + DVD
(Recorded live at CBGB's on 11.07.2004, by Atomic Recording Company. Mastered By Atomic Recording Company. Mixed at Peerless Mastering.
Also comes with DVD with the following "Special Features" : Picture Size: 4:3 Running Time: Live Show: 52 Minutes Bonus: 25 Minutes Sound: 5.1 Surround Sound, 2.0 Stereo "Behind The Voice": 22 Min Documentary "Vinnie's Nail": Interview w/ Vinnie Stigma Photo Gallery Interactive Menu Screens.
Here's the contents:
CD-1 Eliminator 4:18
CD-2 New Jack 2:34
CD-3 Victim In Pain 0:43
CD-4 Your Mistake 1:38
CD-5 Blind Justice 1:17
CD-6 Last Warning 1:31
CD-7 Strengh 2:39
CD-8 Crucified 2:58
CD-9 All Is Not Forgotten 3:12
CD-10 Peace 2:29
CD-11 One Voice 3:12
CD-12 Over The Edge 4:04
CD-13 Friend Or Foe 2:20
CD-14 Gotta Go 3:29
CD-15 Riot Riot Upstart 2:05
CD-16 Police State 1:14
CD-17 Undertow 2:59
CD-18 Public Assistance 4:24
CD-19 Anthem 3:10
CD-20 So Pure To Me 2:11
CD-21 Take Me Back 1:57
DVD-1 Eliminator
DVD-2 New Jack
DVD-3 Victim In Pain
DVD-4 Your Mistake
DVD-5 Blind Justice
DVD-6 Last Warning
DVD-7 Strengh
DVD-8 Crucified
DVD-9 All Is Not Forgotten
DVD-10 Peace
DVD-11 One Voice
DVD-12 Over The Edge
DVD-13 Friend Or Foe
DVD-14 Gotta Go
DVD-15 Riot Riot Upstart
DVD-16 Police State
DVD-17 Undertow
DVD-18 Public Assistance
DVD-19 Anthem)
Nuclear Blast 12.00

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