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Windmill Shop - Wave - CD slim

Windmill Shop - Wave CD slim
(The Windmill Shop are born out of an idea of Massimo Robbi, vocals, and Claudio Di Quarto, guitar (members of Sunspots and The Scrubs).
Their sound is post-punk with injections of Brit-pop (inspired by the Stone Roses) and a dash of Australian vibes (mainly the Church).
The band also includes Alfonso Ventura, bass (a member of the Brit Box) and Massimo Longhi, drums.
Their first album was released in October 2019 and includes 8 unreleased tracks.
Their tour has just started and they have already opened the concerts of renowned bands like Senato and Dom Mariani's Datura 4.
Creativity, enthusiasm, and chemistry are the strengths of the band.
The album was recorded at the Boombox Studios of Walter Marchesoni (formerly Casino Royale) and Mauro Tondini, in the spring and summer of 2019, taking advantage of the precious support offered by their artistic production)
Elegant Frog Rec 8.00

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