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Ferro Solo - Almost Mine: The Unexpected Rise and Sudden Demise of Fernando (Pt. 2) - LP

Ferro Solo - Almost Mine: The Unexpected Rise and Sudden Demise of Fernando (Pt. 2) LP
(Since 1966, Ferruccio Quercetti -AKA Ferro Solo – is known for being a member of Bologna-based blues-punk/noise/garage outfit CUT ( In their 24 year-long history, CUT have released 7 albums and toured Europe countless times, establishing themselves as one of the wildest live bands in the underground circuit. In November 2018, as a parallel activity to CUT, Quercetti released his first long-player under the Ferro Solo moniker. The album - called Almost Mine: The Unexpected Rise and Sudden Demise of Fernando (Pt. I) - was a sprawling collection of very diverse tracks, connected by a story sung from the point of view of Ferro Solo's unlucky and awkward alter-ego, Fernando. Among the many guests on the record, Rome's junkshop glam heroes Giuda and several members of Julie's Haircut, the Italian psychedelic outfit signed by UK label Rocket Recordings are certainly worth mentioning.

As the title itself suggested, a follow-up was already under construction and now, less than one year after his debut, Ferro Solo is back with the second part of Fernando's (mis)adventures.

Beginning with an instrumental reprise of the title track, Almost Mine: The Unexpected Rise and Sudden Demise of Fernando (Pt. II) resumes from where its predecessor had left off, taking us further into Fernando's world of Resentment and Regret. In order to tell his alter ego's story, Ferro Solo has been exploring many of his musical obsessions: 70s glam, 60s garage, noise rock, folk, krautrock, electronica, punk, rootsy rock and roll. Everything is held together and driven by Ferro Solo's emotional delivery and by the fil-rouge of his alter ego's story.

Moreover, contributions by several guests have helped Ferro to further expand the sonic palette of this new album too. One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell was created with the fundamental contribution of Maple Death records artist Blak Saagan. Simone Romei, AKA Des Moines, has lent his fingerpicking guitar skills to Free to Love. Ulisse Tramalloni (drums, percussion) and Andrea Rovacchi (keyboards, percussion, piano) from Julie's Haircut have left their mark on several tracks as well - with Rovacchi recording and mixing the entire album too. Ferro Solo's main band, The Fernandos, is made by members of garage rockers Chow (Riccardo Frabetti and Davide Montevecchi) and propelled by the fiery guitar works of Sergio Carlini (TheeSecondKiss).

We hope you'll enjoy these 12 tales of love, hate, humour, grief, self-mockery, longing and remembrance)
Riff Records / Fernando Dischi 15.00

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