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I Mitomani Beat - Figli Dei Figli Dei Fiori - CD

I Mitomani Beat - Figli Dei Figli Dei Fiori CD
(An evocative, but yet realistic title, is the one this Beat combo from Rome choose to sign their 2nd album, coming out after several lineup changes resulting in new vocalist, bassist and lead guitarist.
A R&B floorfiller starts the dance, then a persuasive refrain, a screaming harmonica and a circular bass riff welcome us; the second song, paraphrasing the well-known Magic Bus, gets us riding on the 'Pulmino Beat'(literally a beat minibus), then the turn is for psychedelia with 'L'Orologio', a song written for the band by Alfio Badia, an unsung beat musician, and starring Tiziano Tarli on Theremin.
Light-hearted Beat goes on up to the killer riff of 'Mai' (cover of Lies (Are Breaking My Heart) by the Knickerbockers), but you will even find a protest song, 'La canzone di protesta', before reaching 'Vorrei Essere Come Tony', dedicated to the Flauers' frontman, Tony Borlotti (leader of a stunning Italian beat band born from the mid 90s), starred as vocalist in next and last song, 'Il Tango di Tony')
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