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Standells - Dirty Water - LP

Standells - Dirty Water LP
(Originally dating back to May 1966, now reissued on vinyl, this is an excellent album by LA's garage/'60s punk legends The Standells. Prepare yourself for a veritable feast of three chord, fuzz-drenched, Vox organ-driven garagerock delight! TRACKS: 01. Medication 02. Little Sally Tease 03. There's A Storm Coming 04. 19th Nervous Breakdown 05. Dirty Water 06. Poor Man's Prison 07. It's All In Your Mind 08. Pride & Devotion 09. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 10. Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go? 11. Why Did You Hurt Me 12. Rari 13. Batman 14. Take A Ride)
Sundazed 24.00

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