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AA VV - Rembrandt Records Story - 'OPEN UP YOUR MIND 1966-1967' - LP + 7"

AA VV - Rembrandt Records Story - 'OPEN UP YOUR MIND 1966-1967' LP + 7"
(A Psychedelic Compendium Of Chicago's famous '60s garage and psych label. This collection covers the first two incredible years of Rembrandt Records. After the first release by the Nite-Owls failed to chart, Rembrandt Records owner Reggie Weiss moved in a different direction, focussing on psychedelic pop and rock. This reulted in a couple of legendary releases, credited to a.o. The Nuchez, The Circus, Nickel Bag, Monday's Children and -most notably-, teen garage-psych unit The Lemon Drops, which became a true cult name through the decades. The first 500 copies of this compilation come with a 7-inch single, offering two previously unreleased tracks from 1967 by the Nite-Owls. SIDE ONE: 1. Nite-Owls - Come On Back 2. Nuchez - Open Up Your Mind (Unreleased Mono Master) 3. Nickel Bag - The Woods (Unreleased Mono Master) 4. Circus - Sands Of Mind 5. Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime 6. Monday's Children - Long Lost Friend 7. Nite-Owls - It's A Hassle (Unreleased Mono Master) SIDE TWO: 8. Nickel Bag - The Woods 9. Nite-Owls - It's A Hassle 10. Lemon Drops - Listen Girl 11. Circus - Games We Play 12. Nuchez - Open Up Your Mind 13. Lemon Drops - Sometime Ago 14. Nuchez - BG's One Eye The 7-inch tracks from The Nite-Owls are 'Something You Got' and 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo')
Break-A-Way 13.00

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