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AA VV - The Night Is So Dark - LP

AA VV - The Night Is So Dark LP
(Great US 60s garage compilation!!
Tracklist A1 -Diamond Rings - Which End Is Up A2 -Innsmen - I Don't Know A3 -Continentals - Almost A Man A4 -Shades - I Need You A5 -Dolphins - I Should Have Stayed A6 -Sites 'N' Sound - The Night Is So Dark A7 -Misfits - Can't You See B1 -Young Alley Cats - Since She's Been Gone B2 -TR-4 - Let It Be Known B3 -Shillings - Forgive Me My Love B4 -Run-A-Rounds - I Can't Take You Back B5 -Wild Cherries - I Cried Once B6 -Bentleys - Now It's Gone B7 -Jim Carter And The Senators - Society)
Lance 12.00

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