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Hollywood Brats - Sick On You - DLP

Hollywood Brats - Sick On You DLP
(RSD 2018 release. Praised by Keith Moon as "the greatest band" he'd ever seen and ignored or hated by just about everybody else in London at the time, The Hollywood Brats left a mark on '70s rock music and the development of punk that was rivaled only by their US counterparts, The New York Dolls. The Brats trafficked in a particular brand of post-Stones snotty rock and glam that presaged the punk era by a half decade. They recorded a fantastic LP in the early '70s but were unable to find a label and eventually disbanded in 1975, just before their album was finally released in Norway. Now fetching several hundred dollars for an original copy this 2LP release fills that void at a fraction of the price, and with 15 bonus tracks to boot! Classic lost proto-punk and glam LP that directly influenced the first wave of UK punk)
Radiation 20.00

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