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Criminal Class - A Touch of Class - The Oi! collection - LP

Criminal Class - A Touch of Class - The Oi! collection LP
(CRIMINAL CLASS was formed back in 1978 in Coventry (UK), the same city as The Specials. This young skinhead Oi! band released a single entitled "Fighting the System" in 1982 for Tempest Records , 2 songs on Strength Thru Oi! compilation released on Decca Records in 1981 and several demo tapes (1980, 1981 y 1984). Captain Oi! compiled and released a CD back in 2000, now 16 years after Evil Records goes a step ahead and includes 2 bonus tracks to that compilation, mastered the recordings and releases for the first time on vinyl many of these songs.
Tracklist: Side A
01. Blood on the Streets (Strength Thru Oi! compilation) 02. Running Away (Strength Thru Oi! compilation) 03. Soldier (1980 Woodbine Studios Demo) 04. Jimmy Kelly (1980 Woodbine Studios Demo) 05. Antisocial (1980 Woodbine Studios Demo)) 06. Blood on the Streets (1980 Woodbine Studios Demo) 07. Do you wanna be mine (1980 Woodbine Studios Demo) 08. Soldier (1981 Demo)
Side B
09. Police Brutality (1981 Demo) 10. Running Away (1981 Demo) 11. Blood on the Streets (1981 Demo) 12. Oi! Oi! Skinhead (1981 Demo) 13. Fighting the system (Single version) 14. Soldier (Single version) 15. Looking back in Anger (Demo) 16. Don't look at me (Demo)
Evil 16.00

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