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Straw Dogs - Dog's Life - 7"EP

Straw Dogs - Dog's Life 7"EP
(This is not London based skinhead band from the 90's, this is one of Scottish early Oi!-Punk bands. STRAW DOGS self produced and released a 7" back in 1981, but hardly moved the edition, the original single didn't have a cover. Donkey Years after you could see the odd copy on Ebay for over 200 euros. Evil Records discovered the band and it took them nearly 2 years to be able to contact one of the band's members after a lot searching, and they agreed to re-issue this rare Oi! and Punk gem, but there was a problem, the band didn't keep the master, so the label and one of the band members tried to get a copy of the master from the original studio where they recorded back in 1981, but the lads didn't keep the tapes, so the label had to take one of the 7" to the studio and re-master it. Mick, one of the band members who also played in The Exploited for 2 years or so, had some old pictures so there was stuff to work with for the artwork. This release is limited to 350 copies on black vinyl and includes insert with lyrics and pictures)
Evil 9.00

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