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Plasmatics - New Hope For The Wretched - LP

Plasmatics - New Hope For The Wretched LP
('New Hope For The Wretched' is the debut album by punk-metal band The Plasmatics, fronted by the infamous Wendy O. Williams. The front woman is also credited on the sleeve as playing the chainsaw and machine gun! A hint at how raucous and rowdy their live shows and albums were. This is some fast and furious rock n' roll, and Wendy O's gruff vocals perfectly compliment the music. SIDE A: 1. Tight Black Pants 2. Monkey Suit 3. Living Dead 4. Test Tube Babies 5. Won't You 6. Concrete Shoes. SIDE B: 7. Squirm 8. Want You Baby 9. Dream Lover 10. Sometimes I. SIDE C: 11. Corruption 12. Butcher Baby 13. Sometimes I (Live) 14. Living Dead (Live) 15. Tight Black Pants (Live) SIDE D: 16. Butcher Baby (Live) 17. Corruption (Live) 18. You Think You're Comin' 19. Fast Food Service)
Let Them Eat Vinyl 19.00

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