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AA VV - Not So Quiet On The Western Front - DLP

AA VV - Not So Quiet On The Western Front DLP
(Released by Maximum Rock 'N Roll on Alternative Tentacles. Comes with a copy of Maximum Rock 'N Roll zine #0 and has one custom inner sleeve with a history of the Northern California punk scene. The zine devotes one page to each band featured on this compilation.
All bands are from Northern/Central California, and Nevada.
Compiled By Jeff Bale, Jello Biafra, Tim Yohannan
Original released in 1982!
Tracklist: A1 –Intensified Chaos Intensified Chaos
A2 –Social Unrest Their Mistakes
A3 –Naked Lady Wrestlers Dan With The Mellow Hair
A4 –M.A.D. Holocaust
A5 –Killjoy Rich Plastic People
A6 –Fang Fun With Acid
A7 –Capitol Punishment El Salvador
A8 –Ribsy Collapse
A9 –Crucifix Annihilation
A10 –Square Cools I Don't Wanna Die For My Country
A11 –Los Olvidados Pay Salvation
A12 –Code Of Honor What Price Will You Pay?
B1 –7 Seconds Fuck Your Amerika
B2 –Unaware Race War
B3 –Frigidettes Turmoil
B4 –5th Column Don't Conform
B5 –Ghost Dance Shrunken Heads
B6 –Dead Kennedys A Child And His Lawn Mower
B7 –Rebel Truth All I Know
B8 –Pariah Learning Process
B9 –Lennonburger Reagum
B10 –Impatient Youth Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition
B11 –Bad Posture GDMFSOB
B12 –Demented Youth Assassination Attempt
B13 –MDC The Only Good Cop . . .
C1 –Karnage The Few, The Proud, The Dead
C2 –Domino Theory Scare
C3 –Nazi Bitch & The Jews Dead Porker
C4 –Whipping Boy Human Farm
C5 –Angst Worker Bee
C6 –Free Beer Premature Enlistment
C7 –Flipper Sacrifice
C8 –Vengeance No One Listens
C9 –Juvinel Justice S/M Nightmare
C10 –Section 8 Fat, Drunk, & Stupid
C11 –Tongue Avulsion Libyan Hit Squad
D1 –Maniax Off To War
D2 –Vicious Circle Strike Out
D3 –UXB Breakout
D4 –Scapegoats Shitcan
D5 –Church Police The Oven Is My Friend
D6 –Deadly Reign Systems Suck
D7 –No Alternative Dead Men Tell No Lies
D8 –Wrecks Punk Is An Attitude
D9 –Urban Assault SLT
D10 –Bent Nails No More Riots
D11 –MIA New Left )
Alternative Tentacles 19.00

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