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Zero Boys - Vicious Circle - CD digipack

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle CD digipack
(Long awaited reissue of the classic Vicious Circle album from Indiana's infamous ZERO BOYS (including members of TOXIC REASONS), here with two bonus tracks!
Tracklist: 1 Vicious Circle 2 Amphetamine Addiction 3 New Generation 4 Dirty Alleys / Dirty Minds 5 Civilizations Dying 6 Livin' In The 80's 7 Drug Free Youth 8 Down The Drain 9 Outta Style 10 You Can Touch Me 11 Forced Entry 12 Hightime 13 Charlies' Place 14 Trying Harder 15 She Said Goodbye* 16 Slam And Worm*)
Secretely Canadian 14.00

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