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AA VV - Wizzz! VoL.2 - CD

AA VV - Wizzz! VoL.2 CD
(Killer WIZZZZZ compilation volume 2. This is the continuation of the very popular first WIZZZ! comp, the best French sixties comp ever. Includes a 38 pages booklet with biography of each artist and full of cool and unissued photos. Official compilation mastered from the original master when they were not lost or damaged.
01. San Antonio - J'Aime Ou J'Emmerde
02. Jean Et Janet - Je T'Aime Normal
03. Bruno Leys - Maintenant Je Suis Un Voyou
04. Guy Skornik - Des Arbres De Fer
05. Chorus Reverendus - Dans Son Euphorie
06. Brigitte Fontaine - Je Suis Inadaptée
07. Philippe Nicaud - Bonne Nuit Chuck
08. Zorgones - Herr Doktor Reich
09. Jesus - L'Electrocuté
10. Bainc Didonc - 4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent
11. Alain Boissanger - Crazy Girl, Crazy World
12. Serge Franklin - KKK
13. Isabelle - Amstramgram
14. Bruno Leys - Hallucinations
15. Nelly Perrier - Un Soir D'Eté)
Born Bad 15.00

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