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Stiv Bators - L.A. Confidential - LP

Stiv Bators - L.A. Confidential LP
(Back in print on red vinyl! This collection features all the great singles recorded by STIV BATORS for BOMP! between 1979 and 1981, plus various cool DEMOS, as well as the numerous ALTERNATE VERSIONS and MIXES from songs that did not make it onto the Disconnected album. In addition L.A. Confidential includes garage-power recordings featuring BRIAN JAMES, CHARLIE SEXTON, and JIMMY PURSEY, as well as excellent LIVE recordings from that era, and a session with KIM FOWLEY and various members of the RUNAWAYS. All these odds and ends from STIV BATORS' Hollywood sojourn have been REMASTERED from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES, and the best sources available)
Bomp 20.00

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